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signal feedsSignal feeds is a binary options signal service. The developers of this software provide a 14 day free trial and claim that they hit 75 to 90% in the money at all times. After the free trial is complete traders can pay $35 for weekly membership or $95 on a monthly basis.

Today I’ll be providing review and letting you know my thoughts on this signal provider.

Signal Feeds Review

There are very few reviews on the signal feeds service. I found one form where a handful of traders in December discuss the software with regular skepticism. Since signal services provide traders with the exact same trades on a daily basis usually you can find a results page but this doesn’t seem to be the case this time around. For this type of service I would expect the results page because of the fact that it’s not some software providing the signals but actual traders.

dislike the advertisingThe readers of this form believe that Michael Freeman is behind the signal feeds service but I don’t have any evidence that supports that. The members in this form also claim that after signing up they were unable to get any sort of response from the support team. At this point in time I’m really not sure who to believe in so I can come to a real final judgment.

At this point I am on the fence about the signal feeds service but considering the conversation that I have read I personally won’t be getting involved with this service at this point in time. If you have something you would like to add to this review please let me know your thoughts and opinions. If you are using the service and it’s working really well for you tell me why and how and then I’ll definitely consider giving it a shot myself. I appreciate you coming to binary today and I hope that this article has helped you make your purchasing decision a little bit easier. I know it was a little convoluted but I’m here doing my best to help you.

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