Market Analytics Review: Specter Finance

Today I’m looking at a new binary options service that considers itself a leader in professional market analytics, Specter Finance. The developers of the software claim that they are “the future in trading signals technology, providing the latest and most effective algorithms to give you the competitive edge over 99% of conventional traders.” Their team consists of seasoned brokers and expert analysts, but we are not introduced to any of them, so this can’t be verified.

There is no address for the offices of this vendor, and no email or contact form either, so I’m not sure how they provide support. For a full list of binary options signal services, go here.

Specter Finance Review

Like most binary options services, the Specter Finance developers seem to want to leave a lot to our imaginations. You’ve probably heard me say this before, but it’s a very important to have a large amount of knowledge and information about an investment opportunity before signing up. This is just not something we are provided on this sales page, as they tend to nibble around the edges without ever actually biting in.


All we are told about the Specter Finance signal service is that they are associated with trusted brokerage firms, expert analysts and provide accurate trading alerts that lead to premium results. They tell us that the signals are sent from “expert analysts in combination with highly advanced mathematical formulas.” Sadly, there are no descriptions of these formulas, and no history of any of these experts. In the risk disclosure on the website, they actually contradict the statement about experts sending the alerts. In actuality, they claim that all the analysis is produced by technical indicators, and never mention anything about real human analysts.

Recycled Software

It is rumored online already that the Specter Finance is a white label software that has been purchased and renamed hundreds of times already. According to the community, this is the exact same software as Easy Auto Trading, and many others. This is not a positive sign. It is very common in this market for marketers to purchase trading systems and then sell them or promote them without ever having any knowledge about binary options trading. It’s very possible that this is exactly what we are dealing with right here today.


I can’t recommend Specter Finance to any of the Binary Today readers at this point in time. The sales page for this product feels like it’s been put together by someone who knows very little about binary options trading, and this worries me. This really lends credence to the rumors about the software being recycled and promoted by affiliate marketers. I’m going to provide a 2 star rating, and it probably could be worsem but I don’t like giving 1 star reviews.

Please let me know what you think about the software, and feel free to ask any questions about binary options you would like answered.

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