Magic Money Machine Review

magic-money-machineMagic money machine is another free binary software. They believe that “if you’ve tried everything else this is the only way left to add $800 to your bank account in 17 minutes.” This software is currently available to beta users for a limited time.

Today I’ll be providing a review and breaking down what this software has to offer the binary options community and whether or not you should buy what they are selling.

Magic Money Machine Review

The magic money machine web-site is nothing new, an email subscription form, a short video and an annoying popup that interrupts the video and says that traders who register their accounts today get a matching deposit bonus. This is a red flag because bonuses in the binary options market are not helpful.  I do not recommend bonuses to any of the binary today members because they are essentially loopholes for brokers to keep clients locked in to their services for extended periods of time. They will generally force traders to trade 20x the volume of the bonus in order to withdraw any funds, which makes it very difficult.

The developers of the magic money machine believe that their software will make $800 every 17 minutes and that traders can repeat this process as many times as they like to increase their accounts. They said that 100% of all people that have watch their video have succeeded. They tell traders not to waste their time on get rich quick scams but there’s really no proof their system works and isn’t making $800 every 17 minutes exactly that? Seems like there is a fair bit of hypocrisy here and that’s the last thing we need from people trying to vie for our investment dollars.

At this point in time I won’t be recommending magic money machine to any of the binary today readers. I don’t believe that this binary options software will be able to fulfill all of the developer’s guarantees. While I initially had high hopes for this system it looks like another one ill be putting in the waste bucket and moving on. Let me know what you think about this software or anything else regarding binary options trading by leaving a comment below the article. Thanks for spending your time reading my review today and I hope you are ready for the undisclosed binary options software that’s about to take over the market next week.


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