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IBDC Trade International is an online trading platform with a vision of supporting new stakeholders that wish to be part of the forex trade Market. The trading platform came into existence in 2009 but it was incorporated in 2010. It started with 15,000 brokers and 10,000 professional Managers. Currently, it prides itself with 5,200,382 paid outs in USD and 2985 completed transactions. The trading platform visualizes itself to be the best forex trading platform with a keen focus on digital currency. It also looks forward to enhancing the relation and commitment to its clients and partners.

IBDC broker offers the best trading platforms in the industry, a wide range of market and competitive spread. It offers tighter spreads to reduce the distance the market has to move to make a difference between profit and loss. The online trading platform offers a trade in different products; each product has a tighter spread.

Products Offered by IBDC Trade International

The following are products offered by IEBDC trade and their range of tighter spread:

  • Forex- its spread starts at 0.7pips for EUR/USD
  • Commodities have a minimum spread beginning at 3pps
  • Equities have a 0.08 indicative spread for some stock
  • Indices have a minimum spread starting at lip 4

It offers potentially favourable opportunities through the tighter spreads. The leverage rates are at 100/1 for many products and 100/2 for MT 4 products. However, this does not rule out the fact that by increasing the leverage the trading risk is increased.

Training and Live Chat

IBDC platform offers free practical training and education opportunity to newbies who want to learn binary trading. Training is done by professionals. Similarly, through its live chat, customers address their questions and concerns.

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IBDC Trade International Team

IBDC trading platform has a team of qualified and experienced personnel to trade over 200 instruments. Since it specializes in forex novices, its qualified managers trade and manage customers’ investment. The qualified team has enabled the execution of trade with rates as fast as under 15 minutes. Therefore, IBDC Trade International provides a consistent trading experience to its customers.

Payment options

Deposits and withdrawals are done through any kind of digital currencies; there is no restriction on the payment options. Deposits and withdrawals are done in the shortest time possible. However, the time taken before a client can withdraw is subject to the type of package selected among other factors.

IBDC Trade International has insurance cover for its customers and their funds. Moreover, it has high standard cybersecurity measures to secure customers information and funds. The trading platform segregates funds and places them in licensed financial Institutions.

In addition, IBDC trade platform facilitates the trade of other crypto-currencies including Bitcoin Cash, Zcash, Ripple and Dash to mention but a few. Due to its flexible nature, it’s able to serve over 70 countries across the world

Compatible Software


IBDC Trade International is an award-winning broker and is recognized in the broker trading industry. Although it has existed for a shorter period compared to other broker platforms, it has taken up its space in the industry. Some of its awards include: award for best investor trading institution in 2016, best broker, and fastest order execution. In 2017, it received an award for Forex Broker Firm of the Year (Asia, Best Finance Best Customer Service Global). In 2018, IBDC Trade International received an award of Best FX Broker (Europe) and Best Forex Broker Malaysia. It is a fast growing forex broker with great potential in the industry.

IBDC Trade Platform Limitations

In as much as IBDC trading platform is resourceful, it has drawbacks in its operation. The following are some of its major challenges

  • Firstly, payments to local banks are not entirely dependent on the IBDC Trade International. On that account, payments delays are a possibility. However, there has not been complaints of delays from customers.
  • Secondly, IBDC trading platform does not offer banking services. Therefore any deposits made are strictly for trading and do not accumulate interest. In case a client does not uphold the policy, he or she is subject to incurring banking charges. The account is also shut down.
  • Moreover, if the trading platform is convinced the customer does not adhere to terms and conditions, or information passed, the account is shut down. All money accumulated is also withheld.
  • IBDC Trade International is subject to political, military, economic and monetary surges which may affect the operation of the site. In case of any of the above events and other factors beyond the control of the broker, prices for financial contracts cannot be calculated.
  • IBDC broker services are only legalized in some states. These states include Canada, Hong Kong, Israel and Malaysia. It, therefore, declines to do business with clients from states where forex trade is not legal.
  • Similarly, it is not liable for losses, emissions, delays and errors resulting from mismanagement of telecommunication and software.


In summary, choosing a reliable trading broker is one of the most important decisions in trading binary options. An effective binary option trader reflects a good trading environment and safety for your funds and investment. That is why IBDC trading brokers strive to be the best in the industry. Although it has its share of challenges, it’s a fast-growing platform that has taken up its space in the industry. It is, therefore, almost impossible, to mention the world’s fastest growing forex brokers without mentioning IBDC Trade International. Hence with both sides of the coin being exposed, you can give it a shot with the free practical training. All the best.

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