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Published on January 22nd, 2019 | by John Kane


BinBot Pro Review 2019

Are you looking for a way to win big? Well, many would have you believe that Binbot Pro is the answer. It is an automated binary options trading robot designed to trade for you. The automated robot uses three binary options brokers known as BinaryCent, VideForex and RaceOption. In addition, it trades all major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin to mention the least.  The automated software has gained popularity due to its simple features and the way that it’s advertised to make the process easier for traders.

While some people think the Binbot pro is a scam, the verdict is still out. Generally, it’s my opinion that every binary options robot is a scam. There are just too many client reviews for this type of product that lead me to believe that.

The review will cover many different aspects of the software, but don’t consider this a recommendation in any way. If you are interested in trading, you should rely on manual trading, or proven binary options software programs, that have real strategies.

Binbot Pro Robots

As mentioned earlier, the automated trading software uses robots to trade. Well, it has three types of robots and each type of robot requires a different minimum deposit. There is a gold robot also known as Neuroscanner and it requires a minimum deposit of $3,000. The silver robots are called Bolly Band and Bullish intervention. It requires a minimum of $1,000, while the bronze robots also are known as strong US v2; Bladerunner and Rising East require $250 minimum deposit.

These robots are changed and modified frequently. In 2019, they’ve added the Crypto ADX 2.0, RSIMIA cross, xProfit and many others. All of which they claim have profits of over 200%.

Binbot Pro Brokers

 The software uses thre brokers namely Binary Cent, VideForex and Raceoption. The reputations of these brokers are not overly favorable, outside of Binary Cent which I’ve had good experiences with.

Getting Started

For one to become a trade member of the Binbot robot, it
requires a few simple procedures as follows:

  • You will fill a form with your personal details on the Binbot robot webpage. A confirmation email will be sent to your email address.
  • Choose a reliable broker and robots from the vast display on the webpage
  • The final step involves depositing of cash depending on the type of robot you choose. For instance, if you choose bronze robots, you will deposit a minimum of $250.

Don’t be fooled though, just because it’s seamless to start, doesn’t mean that it’s a viable investment.

Binbot Features

  • The registration process is easy.
  • There is a free Binbot demo. Therefore, you can try it first and see if it works as per your expectations.
  • The automated software can trade on major cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum among others.
  • As a new trader of Binbot pro, you can customize the software to suit your every need.
  • The software has an excellent customer care support, and it has a 24/7 support system. 
  • It offers a low-risk management since you can choose different specifications that suit your needs.
  • The best thing with the Binbot pro is that you can use the software on your mobile phone. The software is programmed to support various operating systems. 

There are many clients and traders in the binary options market saying that the demo account is unrealistic, and does not translate to live results.

Support System                                     

The support system of Binbot pro is adequate.  Every new trader is allocated an account manager who is available 24/7. You will be able to chat online and get an instant feedback to your queries.  Therefore, you will never get stuck if you participate in Binbot pro.

Always be careful with account managers in binary options, as they will frequently try to pry money from your hands.


Since the establishment of the Binbot Pro in 2016, the software has gained popularity. It has expanded greatly after gaining fame in the financial sector. It has earned the company several awards such as best binary robot for the year 2016, IFX EXPO ASIA AWARD 2016 not forgetting the Tech Finance Journal Award 2015.

None of these awards are verified, nor from trusted, proven sources. They are likely false advertising.

Binbot Pro Supports
Various Operating Systems

The automated trading software supports various operating
systems to suit the needs of the traders. For instance, a trader who is always
on the move can use the Binbot pro services on their mobile phones. Hence,
there is no need to download the app. The other operating systems it supports
include, windows, iOS to mention the least. Therefore, you can access Binbot
pro on your desktop or even tablets.

Conclusion – Scam or Not?

I have very little faith in the BinBot Pro software. It’s my experience that fully automated tools in the binary options market are shady and illegitimate. The systems come across as too clean, with easy hands free access to windfall account gains.

The entire market comes across like a get rich quick scheme. There is never any real explanation as to how the strategies work, and why they work. Everything is glossed over, and promoted to the market in shiny paper, but what’s underneath that paper, will likely leave you disappointed.

Be very careful with automated binary options products, as they aren’t all what they are made out to be.

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7 months ago

It’s a SCAAAAMMMMM! Somebody to stop these filthy scammers! The are so audacious, that even after steeling me us$250 in a useless trading robot that all it did was destroy my money in minutes and going to their miserable pockets, they sent me an email saying that they “credited” my account with US$250 and that I should top up the credit with an extra us$250 to use their bot again. Amazing how can they be so crooks! And still operating on the Internet steeling peoples money!!

Crypto fabi
Crypto fabi
1 year ago

Followed their advice, deposited recommended balance, still lost everything within 2-3 days.

1 year ago

Never worked for me, was always a headache, but thanks anyways.

1 year ago

I used BinbotPro for a few months and lost my entire account.

Their results show 100+% in gains, but I always lost.

Considering, this is a fully automated program they offer, I know there is nothing else I could do differently.

They are simply lying.

1 year ago

pls give me the link to download d trade dectector to assist my trade

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