Honest Review: Spectrum7

spectrum7Spectrum7 is is a binary options trading software promising to generate over $1500 a day for its clients. The software is produced by Derek Folsom and he claims that his software has the earning potential of $100,000 per month. In this market promises are a dime a dozen, so it’s all about proof.

Today I will be providing an honest review and letting you know if this product has an adequate amount of proof.

Spectrum7 Review

The Spectrum7 webpage is extremely frustrating and annoying. Every 10 to 15 seconds there is a very unprofessional pop up that keeps getting in the way. The layout of the website, the promises and the lack of follow-through is really in line with what’s wrong with the majority of binary options products.

Trading Video

Verified Results

spectrum7-testimonialsThroughout the sales page we keep being told that they have verifiable and undeniable proof. Yet, there isn’t any. Instead there are 6 testimonial videos which are all recorded by actors purchased from Fiverr. For example, there is one Spectrum7 “validated account” from Jo Reed and we are supposed to believe he’s made $10,620 because there is a verification number. This verification number isn’t actually verified by anyone. We are told that the profits are verified by something called TradeVerify that they don’t tell us what this service is and if it’s in reference to TradeVerify.net that was proven to be a scam.

Derek Folsom

It’s really starting to feel like we are being sold the same bill of goods we’ve seen hundreds of times in the past. Spectrum7 CEO Derek Folsom has absolutely no reputation in the binary options market and is likely a character created by Internet marketers. Furthermore, the beta test plot line is getting extremely old. It seems like every 2nd product released in this market is some sort of secret beta test is going to make us all millionaires. I’ve said it 100 times before and I’ll say it hundred times again if I have to, beta tests are dangerous. The entire purpose of a beta test is to work out issues. You shouldn’t be spending real money investing in something that isn’t even ready for the public.


Do not sign up with Spectrum7. There is really nothing impressive about this software whatsoever. The entire sales page is filled with lies and deception. One of these days the binary options market is going to correct itself and get rid of the scammers but until then we have to be very careful with what we purchase.

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