Greenwood Formula Review

greenwood-formulaGreenwood formula is a new binary options trading product. The developer of this system is promising to make traders over $100,000 in the next 30 days and if he doesn’t succeed he promises to pay you $10,000 just for trying. I’ve seen promises like these made hundreds of times before and when they failed the developer never followed through.

Today I’ll be providing a review of this software and letting you know if it’s a dreaded scam or something that we can trust with our hard earned money.

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Greenwood Formula Review

There’s really nothing special about the Greenwood formula sales page. There is a video, an email subscription box and a bunch of images that we can only assume are supposed to reflect traders of this system. Laid over a picture of a map there are 5 traders that have supposedly made hundreds of thousands of dollars from a starting balance of between $200 and $1500. If you try to click on these images to see any verified proof there isn’t any, and the people who put together this website even spelled New Zealand wrong. Considering there’s less than 100 words on this page, it’s a little concerning to me that there are simple spelling mistakes. While this may seem irrelevant to you, in the grand scheme of things it hurts the professionalism of this offer and casts a little doubt in my mind.


How are these trading accounts verified? I don’t see any proof.

In doing some quick research on the Greenwood formula it’s quite apparent that the developer of this system is not a multimillionaire and he’s actually just an actor. He played a starring role in the profit maker method binary options system. This doesn’t necessarily mean that this system is going to be bad but it’s never a good thing to be tied to a failing product.

The testimonials on the website share a similar fate as it turns out they are fake, and we’ve seen the exact same actors used in the release of the amissio formula system. While I don’t mind the use of stock photos or actors when it comes to the developer of the product I certainly have a problem with using fake testimonials. My reason for this is because if you have a successful software it’s very easy to send an email to your clients and ask them for testimonials. There is no reason for a developer to use fake testimonials unless their product isn’t good.

I am not recommending the Greenwood formula binary options trading software to any of the binary today readers. If a binary options developer is going to use fake testimonials I want nothing to do with them. I said it before and I’ll say it again. If you have a binary options software that’s making people thousands of dollars then you could send an email to all your clients and have hundreds of real testimonials within a few days. I don’t believe this software is working for anyone and I don’t believe that it will work for you. Please let me know what you think about the system by leaving your comments below the article now.

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