Great Profit Formula

great-profit-formulaGreat Profit Formula is a binary options trading software application being given away for free. On the front page we hear from a young lady that claims to have turned $150 into $4000 dollars in just a week spending an hour to an hour and a half a day.

Today I’ll be providing review and letting you know if I believe that these testimonials are true or just the norm, fabricated.

Great Profit Formula Review

The Great Profit Formula website consists of a sales video and an email subscription form. There is also a counter under the sales video that counts down from 10 minutes every time that you enter the webpage. This counter will go down to zero minutes but nothing will come of it so you can ignore this because the software will not expire in 10 minutes. The video consists of quite a few testimonials, the 2nd testimonial is a young man who claims that in one week he made $3900 using the software. One thing I notice in the testimonials is that the people doing them never actually mentioned the Great Profit Formula by name, I find this quite odd. It almost seems like these are just generic testimonials about any binary options trading system.

After the testimonials for the Great Profit Formula finish the developer comes to the forefront and tells us that he’s about to pay traders $1500 just for paying attention to the next 6 minutes of video. This is a very common technique used now by free binary options trading developers. They tell you they’re going to give you a bunch of money so that you get sucked into the video and then at the end of the video you never actually get this money. Nobody in their right mind would just hand out $1500 to anyone who would watch a 15 minute video. You can find a businessman in the world who would sign up for that deal.

Great Profit Formula Conclusion

I’ve not yet used the Great Profit Formula binary options trading system so I cannot give a recommendation either way. At this point I’m going by my gut and it’s not given me the best impressions about the software. The video is conventional in that it follows most of the sales marketing methods in the binary options market but that’s not enough for me. If you something you would like to add to this review please leave your comments, questions or concerns below the article. I appreciate that you came to binary today and I hope that you spend more time here getting to know me and the community members.

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