Free Binary Today Booster Strategy Lesson

free-binary-today-booster-strategyHey guys, today I’m going to be doing a little strategy session teaching you all about the Binary Today Booster. This NEW FREE tool is helping me pick out more winning trades and avoiding obvious losers.

I am finding a lot of success using the Booster with two trading systems.

  1. Binary5
  2. Binary Today Trader

Both of these systems provide signals 24 hours a day and I feel they are the perfect tandem for consistent winnings.

Beginners Strategy

news-calendarWhen I first start using a signal system like B5 or BTT I take all the trades on a demo account on many different pairs and I take note of which perform the best. I analyze the times I’m trading, the expiry times I’m using and whether or not news is having an impact. After 3-4 weeks and hundreds of trades I can easily pick out trends and spot the strengths and weaknesses in my strategy.

This 3-4 weeks is a very important time in building the foundations of a fool-proof strategy.

After I have completed this task I can increase my ITM% drastically and look for other ways to keep improving. It’s always smart to analyze your trades and learn from them.

Even if you are using a Binary Options Software you can always grow and learn from the process.

Binary Today Booster Video

Binary Today Booster Strategy

After my beginners strategy I will often stop and use this data to carry my income, but in this case I am using a new tool called the Binary Today Booster.

This tool is extremely effective at revealing market trends.

I’ve found that if you can follow the Trend with Binary5 and Binary Today Trader you will increase your winning percentage severely.


While this may look complicated at first, I assure you it’s not.

When looking at this chart example here we can see that Blue signifies when the market is going up and Red signifies when the market is going down. In doing simple, quick analysis when I receive a signal I will follow the trend.

For example, if I receive a PUT trade signal from Binary5 during this long red downward trend I am very likely to place the trade. Following the trend in this case will give me a very high probability of success. Now, if I receive a PUT trade signal from Binary5 at the end of the chart when the trend is going upward I will more than likely avoid taking that trade.

The analysis takes no longer than 10-15 seconds and it increases my winning percentage greatly with both Binary Today Trader and Binary5.

Where To Get The Binary Today Booster?

At the bottom of this page you will see a box right underneath the post tags. This box contains 4 social share options that will unlock your access. If you don’t have any social networks you can email me and I’ll send you the link personally.


I hope this strategy helps you get the most out of your Binary Options trading. I tried to keep it as simple as possible but feel free to write a comment with any questions you may have. I’ll post this up a few places around the site so you can find it again.

Thanks for stopping in and have a great day of winning trades!

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