Final Signals

final-signalsFinal signals is a binary options trading service that offers both manual and automated trades. The developer of this system goes by Nathan and he tells us that his algorithm based trading system is developed by professionals with an accumulated 80 years of experience in finance and development.

Today I’ll be providing a review of this signal service for anyone in the binary options market that’s interested.

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Final Signals Review

The Final Signals sales page consists of a 2 1/2 minute video, an email subscription form, and a couple of facts about their services. So let’s start by taking a look at some of the information we are being provided. According to the video, their algorithm is built to analyze hourly data along with every piece of information that drives today’s markets. That sounds great, and up until this point I appreciate what Nathan has to offer.

Yet, as the video continues on Nathan tells us that his signal service has earned traders over $14 million. Now we have a problem.

I can’t see how the final signals system could have made anyone this extremely large amount of money. On their website they tell us that they have over 3200 members and with over 140 high-performing signals daily traders are averaging up to $900 per week. This can’t be true. If this signal service has over 3200 members then the YouTube video on the front page of their website would have over 30,000 views, not 348 where it currently stands. This product started off well but now I’m starting to see it in the exact same light is any other automated binary options system on the market. There is obvious deception being used to market the system and now I find it very difficult to believe in their dynamic optimization and auto refining algorithm.


These numbers can’t be proven, and I don’t believe they are real.

I can’t recommend final signals to any of the binary today readers. The promises and guarantees on this website are just not in line with the truth. If this system was truly making people millions of dollars there would be much more information online about it, there would be more reviews and the video on the main page would have a lot more than 300 views.

I always want to be positive when I approach a new binary options trading product so it’s disappointing when developers fall down that same rabbit hole and resort to deceptive marketing practices. I hope that this review gets into the hands of some of the developers of this signal service and that they reconsider the way they’re promoting their services. Thanks for reading my final signals review, and please leave your thoughts on the service at the bottom of this page now.

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