Stock Market Jackpot

stock-market-jackpotStock Market Jackpot is a free binary options software that just hit the market this morning. The developers of the system claim that their best trader of the month earn $96,250 in the last 30 days. This website is quite strange, and a little different than what we are used to in the binary options market.

Today I’ll be providing review and letting the binary today readers understand whether or not I believe this is a viable investment opportunity for us.

Stock Market Jackpot Review

The Stock Market Jackpot website is quite strange, there is a plethora of grammar mistakes and a very unappealing Microsoft Sam type voice speaking to us. After the narrator is done speaking a slot machine pops up, a bunch of money drops out of the slot machine and then a video is automatically started down the page. It seems they are trying to associate their product with gambling which is not what we are interested here at binary today. Our focus is on real investments and making informed decisions. The fact that the product is named Jackpot in their slot machines dropping money on the front page of the website is disconcerting.

There is a one minute Stock Market Jackpot video on the front page of the website. This video is also quite odd as the developer feigns some sort of candid moment in which he is staring at his computer screen and pretends like he doesn’t know he is being filmed. The developer of the software is named James and he tells us that what he has to tell us could change our lives forever. He claims to be a normal person the found something amazing and is now sharing it with the binary options community because he believes in paying it forward. James says that he makes €600-€1500 per day and claims that traders just have to enter their details in the form below to gain access to the system.

I will not be recommending Stock Market Jackpot to the binary today readers. This website seems even more unprofessional than the usual binary options products that I see market. The website is disjointed, there are floating hands, grammar mistakes and little to no information about the actual system. The closest thing we have to any evidence that this works is 2 minutes and 20 seconds of video in which nothing is discussed. If these developers want to make money in this market and get good reviews from the binary today community they’re going to need to provide us with a lot more. If you something you would like to add to this review please leave your questions and concerns below the article now.

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