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bonanza-proBonanza Pro is a new binary options signal service promising to deliver over 2800 signals per day. This is a very high number and with signals coming in at such an alarming rate it would have to be some sort of computer program providing them, not a real trader.

Today I’ll be reviewing this service so that the binary today readers understand if it’s a valuable option.

Bonanza Pro Review

The people behind the Bonanza Pro system claim to be group of veteran traders that have developed an advanced expert finance algorithm based on moving average. Despite the about us section being right at the top of the webpage there are multiple spelling errors which is quite surprising considering they are trying to come off professional.

Bonanza Pro Team

There are 3 members in this team. Their CEO is Tamer Amari who is an economic journalist and consultant specializing in improving business efficiency. Yet, I’ve done some research and I can’t find any of his published works so I’m not sure how established he is as a journalist. Next, there is Cameron Miller who is a binary options expert who says that he’s an analyst for one of the most known brokers but we are not told which brokerage he works for so we can’t verify the validity of this claim either. There’s also the possibility that if Cameron is working for binary options brokerage that he could be putting their interests ahead of our own, there is a conflict of interest here. Lastly, there is Larry Bean, the chief technology officer who helped put together the signals algorithm which is being used by the system today.


Images stolen, not really who they say they are.

After doing more research on the team behind the Bonanza Pro I’m disappointed to find out that the images for these team members are all stolen from other websites and aren’t actually real. This makes me question the existence and role of any of these people because if the developer could steal images from other websites, he could easily make up fake job titles and quotes too.

Underneath the team section there are 4 testimonials. The first testimonial is from Isabella Dalby, who claims that “it’s unbelievable I never thought that making money can be so easy.” This testimonial sounds a little fabricated to me and Takisha Nejem who says that she “made more than $2,500 in the first month” is also a little too good to be true.


I really don’t see myself using or recommending Bonanza Pro to any of the binary today readers. There just seems to be too many discrepancies and deceitful practices being used to push forward their story and product. I don’t believe that this system will be making traders thousands of dollars in the first month. I don’t believe that the system will be making traders any money at all quite frankly. I hope that I’m wrong but when it comes to binary options my gut instincts have been proven correct time and time again. I hope that you will leave a comment or question below the article now. Please contribute and feel free to send me a personal email at any time by clicking ask John at the top of the page.

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