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Published on July 17th, 2014 | by John Kane


Tokyobot Review and Discussion

tokyobotTokyobot is yet another free binary options trading system. The developer of the system, Hiro Katsumi claims that this is a 3.2 million JPY loophole that every binary options traders should be exploiting right now.

Today I’ll be providing a short review and letting you know why you should probably avoid the system and any other that looks like it.

Tokyobot Review

There is really nothing to this website at all, Tokyobot is just another free binary options system. In order to gain access to this one you have to sign up with the broker called xb24, I’ve never even heard of it which is a good sign. Then as you enter the members area you can see the title that says real money live trading accounts but if you scroll down to try and see them it just shows you a loading circle. Now if the development team can’t even get the members area to show the results then I hardly feel this is professional enough for you to invest money in.

I will not be recommending the Tokyobot today for the main reason that it is another free binary options scam. None of these systems have worked and as I’ve said it 1 million times I don’t believe they will ever work because it’s probably just the same people releasing the same system every day. If you’re really looking to make money in binary options spend some time on my website and feel free to send me a personal email and I’ll help you personally find some success with the right software. One that doesn’t force you to sign up to a broker either. Please let me know if you would liek to add something to the review and leave your comments below.


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5 years ago

I too signed up with TokyoBot. it ran 10 trades in total and only 2 were winning trades. I wrote to them and all I was told that I should leave it running longer. left this longer and it did total of 26 trades with only 6 winning trades. This system is useless. I am a Forex trader myself and I monitored the trade triggers made by this worthless robot. Was actually shocked to see it taking trades in wrong directions.
With my 10 years of trading experience, I could see that this robot is not doing what it claims to be capable of. So many ridiculous wrong entries.
Please save your money….keep it and do not subscribe to TokyoBot.
It’s not free, as you would need to sign up with their recommended broker and that broker will keep calling you to beef up your account so that they could help you trade.
I see this as a scheme that is probably helping to pay off some Ponzi scheme elsewhere.

6 years ago

Hi John thanks for the site! Was wondering with binary brain wave if there is a best time of day to place the trades? Also your record seems to be very good with the software? What seems to be the best strategy with this software? Would this be something you would disclose in the near future for the membership? Maybe showing you using the software? This would be a great addition for members struggling with it stll. Thanks for your time. Gary

JP Mulder
JP Mulder
6 years ago

Tokyobot NOT as good as they advertise to be! NOT BY A LLLOOOONG SHOT!!!!

this is what I emailed them, as the icon for so called “customer support” on you platform, once you signed up, Is there for NOTHING as it does not even work. you can click on it a 1000 times but it does NOTHING AT ALL.

My bot did make 2 x trades of which the very first one was a LOSS and the 2nd was a win. Strangely the losing trade they DO NOT show the people on their luring site.

Also, if you go into the trades made pages on the higher amounts traded accounts, you will see that they FORGOT to take out pay-out amounts on LOST trades, and it displays same amounts as is you had won. Load of bullshit if you ask me… ALSO, strangely enough on every single LOST trade they show you, the investment on those where ONLY $75, whereas all the winning trades were made with $150 upwards?????????

When I kept on enquiring about why I am not getting trades done by the bot and if it does make trades then it is 1 x loss and 1 x win, they keep oon replying with all sorts of excuses like you have to be patient as it is looking for most profitable trades. BULLSHIT, why did the thing then made trades according to their advertising site??????

This was what I sent them, with no reply at all from them…..

Tell me then why my robot did not make ANY of these trades you so EAGERLY advertise on your luring site for others to see (see below), BUT instead mine DID however make a LOSING trade????

I am going to blow this thing wide open with regulatory authorities if my bot does not start making me money IMMEDIATELY as you PROMISE on you site = “false advertising” and I can proof this.

so you beteer start coming up with results, rather than ll sorts of excuses as I’ve been getting so far from you.
Tokyo Bot Live Stats – User a

Balance 2618.75 Wins 123 Loses 9 Total Trades 134

Asset Position Amount Entry Rate Rate Entry Time Expiration Time Status Payout
NZDJPY Call 25 89.4917666 89.8917666 2014-07-15 15:20:00 2014-07-15 16:00:00 Win 43.75
CHFJPY Call 25 113.50 113.42 2014-07-15 10:25:00 2014-07-15 11:00:00 Win 43.75
USDJPY Put 25 101.48 101.11 2014-07-14 11:00:00 2014-07-14 11:30:00 Win 43.75

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