Final Algo Trading Software Review

Final-AlgoFinal Algo is a new binary options trading software that promises to trade fully automated winning trades for its clients. According to the frequently asked questions area on the website most of the members using this software fund their accounts with $300 and make $800-$1000 a day. Sounds like another too good to be true system if you ask me.

Today I’ll be providing a review so that the binary today readers understand both the advantages and disadvantages of using a product like this one.

Final Algo Review

My initial thoughts on the final algo system are not very pleasant. Many of the elements on this website are found commonly on the pages of failed binary options scam systems. There is one section of their webpage dedicated just to success stories and this is where I have a major dispute. In this section there are 2 categories, Facebook and twitter comments. We can’t verify Facebook comments because they have tight privacy settings. However, we can verify any Tweet that his ever been sent out on Twitter. Now why do I have a problem with this? I have a problem with the fact that when I go onto Twitter and search for these tweets that I can’t find a single one of them. This leads me to believe that all of these success stories are being fabricated by the developer and creates immediate distrust.

Underneath the final algo success stories is a table labeled live third-party verified results. In taking a close look at these results it is my opinion that they are also being fabricated. At no point are we seeing actual price information so there is no way that we can verify the legitimacy of any of these results. All we can see is a list of members that are supposedly making hundreds of dollars in profit every couple of seconds. A computer programmer could create a script like this in a matter of minutes. This is not verified whatsoever.

I will not be recommending the final algo trading software to any of the binary today readers. I know you’ve heard me make this statement hundreds of times in the past but it doesn’t get old. My goal is to make sure that the readers of this website are properly educated and make the right decisions when it comes to trading software. With your best interests in mind we will always find a way to succeed. If you ever need personal help in the binary options market please click ask John at the top of the page and send me an email. If you want to let me know your thoughts on this program please do so by leaving a remark below the article. Thanks for coming to binary today, I appreciate your readership.

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