Daily Trader Club Verified Trade Review

daily-trader-clubDaily trader club is a binary options trading application by Stephen Gilbert. Stephen tells us that his app boasts an 87% success rate and has made them so much money that he’s been able to afford 11 different houses. Personally I’m more of a minimalist so I feel like 11 houses is overkill.

Today I will be reviewing the claims of Stephen Gilbert and letting you know if I truly believe this man has 11 houses or is just using that as a marketing tactic to sell us product.

Daily Trader Club Review

One of the annoying things about websites like the daily trader club is their usage of Down counters. If you go to the top of the page you will see there is a counter that says hurry up, licenses are running out alongside a 10 minute countdown. This is a marketing tactic used by developers to be increase the urgency of the consumer. You will notice that every time this timer hits zero it actually restarts right back to 10 minutes. This proves that it is not real and it’s only purpose is to rush you. The problem with this is that I find websites that use this method are trying to rush consumers because they don’t have anything good to offer.

There are quite a few red flags on the daily trader club webpage. First, Stephen claims that his product has been discussed in media outlets like Bloomberg and CNN. The website even shows images of these articles. Sadly, none of these articles are real. If you spend the time and go to Bloomberg or CNN you will find that none of these articles actually exist and that they are fabrications. Next we have falsified bank statements. If you look at the one bank statement it shows that it has $100,000 and it but if you look closely it has a goal triggered at the bottom and that goal is to reach $1000. If the account had reached $1000 then this goal with no longer show. This debunks the legitimacy of those images.

I can’t recommend the daily trader club to any of the binary today readers. The shady marketing techniques combined with fake news articles, account statements and testimonials all add up to a big no. There are certainly systems in this market that are working well but they never look like this one. Please let me know what you think about this article and product by leaving a comment and discussing this application now. Thank you for coming to binary today and please let me know if you ever need any personal help. I’m always around and you can click ask John at the top of the page to send me an email. Have a great day.

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