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exotik signalsExotik signals is a new binary options signal service which claims to turn a regular trader into a professional trader. This product is going for $97 a month or $97 every two weeks with a Pro account.

Today I’ll be providing a substantial review and finding out whether or not this system can provide returns equal to the value of the membership or greater.

Exotik Signals Review

exotik signals results

With the exotik signals membership traders gain access to signals in either the New York or Tokyo trading session. For traders that one signals in both of these sessions they are required to get the Pro membership. With the membership program customers also gain access to the live online trading room, the members area, the online trading material and professional coaching that lasts approximately 30 days. I’m not exactly sure totally what comes with the professional coaching so that would maybe be an email you would want to send to the vendor before purchasing.

Some of the elements the exotik signals coaching is supposed to help with our setting successful habits, teaching money management, understanding how to set a trading plan and to develop a winning mindset over time.

There are some example trades being provided for the exotik signal system but they seem to be from January and haven’t started in February just yet. I really don’t like screenshots like these because they can be easily manipulated, I trust systems that don’t show me anymore results more at this point in time in binary options.

The trading history is also only from one month which isn’t the best thing I’ve ever seen. Hopefully they continue to update the results and then we can wait and see how the exotik signals product pans out over a longer period of time.

Today I won’t be giving a full recommendation to the exotik signals product because the price is very large and there is very little trading history and product history in general. If you have something you would like to contribute as always please leave your comments below and let me know what you think about the review and the product.


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