Daily Income Society by Anonymous George Review

daily-income-societyDaily income society is a new binary options product developed by a guy going by the name of anonymous George. According to George this software is making traders an average of $550 a day by copying the trades of the company management.

Today I’ll be providing a review and letting the binary today traders understand if this is truly the type of binary options software we should be using.

Daily Income Society Review

Like usual, the daily income society website is very simple and consists of an email subscription form and a YouTube video. George is telling us that if we don’t make $550 with his software today he will pay us $1100. I’ve seen developers make claims like these hundreds of times in the past, but never have I heard of one client actually receiving any money from the developer. I believe that this is an empty promise, and it really starts the product off on the wrong foot because it makes it much harder for me to take this seriously. I find it very difficult to trust the developer that is using a marketing method that is so obviously disingenuous.

If you look at the daily income society website you will find that their guarantee is obviously empty. There is no contact information on the website anywhere so it would be nearly impossible for us to get a hold of George to make sure that he pays us that $1100. The website itself is lacking in every major area. Sadly, there is no trading history for us to peruse so it’s very difficult for us to understand how the software is going to perform moving forward. There is also no real discussion about how the software trades and what type of strategy is using to make its clients $500 a day. There’s also no real feedback from actual clients anywhere online.

Today I am not recommending the daily income society to any of the binary today readers. There are quite a few red flags on this website and when coupled with the disingenuous marketing methods. I believe that we should just stay away from this new software. Obviously, if this system performs very well for a couple of months then it will naturally rise to the top and we will hear a lot about it. Yet, in most cases like these the software dissipates after blowing a couple of accounts and then I never hear about it ever again. Please let me know which path you think this software is going to go down by leaving your comment and prognostications. Thanks for coming to binary today and I look forward to hearing your opinions on this software and the binary options market in general. Have a wonderful Monday and a great start to your trading week.

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