Crude Profit System – Binary Options Oil Trader

crude-profit-systemCrude Profit System is another new automated binary options software. The developer of the system is uknown but we are told that he is a former OPEC employee that’s learned how to trade crude oil. The software is free but you have to deposit money with the recommended binary options broker, so it’s not really free.

Today I’ll be letting the Binary Today readers discuss this software and providing my own analysis as well.

Crude Profit System Review

The sales page is basic and doesn’t really give me a good vibe about the Crude Profit System. It’s quite clear that whoever is behind this product will tell us everything that we want to hear. The software doesn’t require any skill at all and with a click of a button you can be making thousands of dollars per day. If you’ve been around the binary options market long enough you’ve seen sales pitches like these many times in the past. The problem with these pitches is that they never follow through with a reliable software or trading strategy.

They put all their eggs in the marketing bucket, and sell us a terrible system that drains our accounts in less than a month. Is that what’s going to happen this time? I can’t guarantee yes or no, but if I had to lay my reputation on the line, it would certainly be on yes.

The Trading Software

One of the most frustrating things in the binary options market is that the Crude Profit System and many others are selling us the exact same software. It’s as if they are just swapping out logos and using the exact same software that’s already failed us.


The developers want us to keep signing up with binary brokers over and over again so they keep getting new commissions. Yet, they are literally selling us the same software. This is the exact same software used by the Electoral Profits and Profits Eternity which are two products I just reviewed in the last 48 hours.

The marketers are putting together a new quick sales pitch each time but selling us the same thing. Considering these products continue to lose, it’s easy for me to tell you to stay far away from these.


There is no reason to signup with Crude Profit System. We already know that it’s a loser because we’ve seen it lose with our own eyes multiple times in the past under different names. Make sure that when you are looking into an investment opportunity that you don’t fall for a get rich quick scheme. There are too many affiliate marketers in this market looking to make a quick buck with nothing to offer. That’s certainly the case this time around.

I suggest you check out my Binary Options 101 page and learn what really works for the Binary Today readers. Here at Binary Today we have a very intelligent community that is focused on real trading strategies and ways to grow accounts consistently without taking big risks. I hope you spend some time here and soak up some of the free knowledge.


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