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cashimproveCashImprove is a new binary options trading software by James Miller. Miller is promising traders that the software can make $425 per hour and hundreds of thousands of dollars per month.

Today I’ll be providing a review so that you know if this is the type of binary options software you should be adding to your trading arsenal.

CashImprove Review

My initial thoughts on the CashImprove sales page are negative. The website and sales video just scream get rich quick scheme. On the front page of the website we are told that people are making over $425 an hour and that over 580 people from our city are using this right now. Considering I’m writing this review from a very small city with a small population I know that James is lying to us. There is no way that over 580 people are using this software in my city right now. James is clearly using this number as a marketing strategy to make his system seem more important than it really is. That’s really a total shame.


James-MillerJames Miller

I actually recognize James from another product I reviewed called High Frequency Trader. Except, when he was promoting HFT he had a different name. This leads me to believe that James is just an actor playing a role. That doesn’t mean that the story isn’t true but in the binary options market these stories are never really true. I say this because every single story in the binary options market promoting an automated trading system promises millions of dollars and that’s just not a realistic promise for anyone to make.


fiverr-testimonialsThe testimonials being used by the CashImprove developers are also fake. It’s quite apparent that one of the testimonials being provided on this website was purchased on the Fiverr website. This is an actor again, and now we are getting into more dangerous territory. It is illegal to use fake testimonials, and it’s not something that I can get behind whatsoever.

Trading Results

There are no real trading results being provided. As is often the case, the closest we come are testimonials and promises which can’t be trusted. Especially by a vendor that is so obviously lying to us about so many other aspects.


I see no reason to sign up with the CashImprove system. The developer, James Miller proved himself to be untrustworthy in the video and due to the sales page wrought with lies.

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