Cash Code

cash-codeCash code is a binary options software by Robert Allen. Robert is telling traders that by coming to this website it’s just like winning the lottery. He is also telling traders that they been randomly selected by his system to win $10,000 today.

In my review this evening I’ll be taking a closer look at this code and informing the binary options community about the software and its potential.

Cash Code Review

The cash code has a very similar layout and marketing style to most binary options products in this market. There is an annoying pop-up with a one minute timer that makes it seem like we won something, a binary options video and an email subscription form that leads to a members area. Like usual, there are quite a few boastful claims on the website. Robert is telling traders that his system has been ranked the number one trading software 3 years in a row. I have a hard time believing this considering the product just came into my email today and I know every single binary options software that’s been released in the last 3 years.

In the cash code video Robert informs us that his website has made more millionaires in the past 6 months than any other website on earth. He wants us to believe that if we simply listen to his video and does what he says that we’ll be millionaires and 60 days from now. We are then shown multiple screenshots of bank accounts alongside photos of people. As the video continues on there doesn’t seem to be any real strategic discussion so I’ve no idea how the software works which makes it very difficult for me to come to a conclusion.

As of right now I can’t give a recommendation to the cash code binary options software because there is little to no information on this anywhere. The video on the website doesn’t exactly help because the software is never actually discussed outside of how much money it can make you. That being said, I hope that the binary today community will leave their comments and remarks about the system now so that we have some sort of a baseline to go on. Thanks for coming to binary today, I hope you enjoyed my review and if you ever need any binary trading help just click Ask John at the top of the site.

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