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binary-options-pro-botBinary options Pro bot is a new web-based trading robot promising to make you money while you sleep. The people behind the system take a less aggressive approach by telling us that it’s not possible to make millions in just a few weeks with a $1000 deposit. This is a refreshing take on binary options marketing but we will see if it continues throughout the entire sales page.

Today I’ll be providing a review and an area for the binary options community to discuss their thoughts and opinions.

Binary Options Pro Bot Review

The binary options Pro bot website provides us with a YouTube video, an email subscription form, 4 testimonials and a frequently asked questions area. I’ll start off by taking a closer analyzing the YouTube video. It begins well because it doesn’t make outrageous promises like other binary options vendors. Although that doesn’t mean that this vendor is off the hook. The more time I spend watching this video, the less confidence I have in the developers of this software. It quickly becomes apparent that this developer does not have well-rounded knowledge about the binary options market. I say this because the video is focused heavily on stock trading.

Like many other binary options products the people behind the binary options Pro bot base the foundation of this story on high frequency trading. They tell us that large banks and hedge funds have a huge advantage over us because they are able to reduce the latency and cut their trade execution times to just 8 ms. Yet, this plays no role in binary options and it never has. Hedge funds don’t trade binary options, they trade stocks.

People who don’t understand binary options shouldn’t release binary options products.

Binary Options Pro Bot Live Proofs

There is a button on the binary options pro bot website labeled live proofs. If you click on this link you will be taken to a section with 4 testimonials. One of the testimonials is from Andrew Adkins who says that “Thanks to Binary Options ProBot, me and my wife we finally had our dream wedding.” Underneath his testimonial we see that he started with a balance of $3000, made $13,000 in his first week and over $40,000 in his first month. Another one of the testimonials is from Alonzo Garcia from Spain. He claims that he is “financially independent after 4 months of using this software, I quit my job. My life has improved drastically.” Underneath his testimonial we can see that he has starting balance of $500, made $1800 in his first week in nearly $7000 in his first month.


Sadly, there is really no way to verify the live proofs being provided to us. There are no account statements or even trade examples so it’s very possible that these testimonials could have been fabricated. That doesn’t mean that they have been, but in this market we have to be careful.


At this point in time I cannot confidently recommend the binary options Pro bot to the binary today readers. While this developers initial impressions were positive their lack of knowledge of the binary options market is concerning and their live proofs are underwhelming. Our best course of action is to be patient and to ensure that we don’t jump into something that is yet to be proven.

Thank you for coming to binary today and please feel free to ask me any questions you have about the binary options market, software, signals or brokers. I look forward to hearing from you and hope that you continue finding ways to be more successful in binary options and beyond.

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