Broker Review: Stern Options

Today I’m doing another binary options broker review, of the platform that claims to be the the world’s best trading environment, Stern Options. This platform promises traders opportunity, support and industry-leading security. In this review, I’ll be analyzing all 3 of these points, and taking a closer look at what the binary options community has been saying about this brokerage. By the end of the review, my hopes is that we will have a clear understanding as to how we should move forward.

Owned and operated by BP1 LP, this broker opened its doors in July 2016, and is located at 5th and 6th Floors, Landmark Building, 14 Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd., Sofia, Bulgaria. They can be contacted via phone at +44 800 086 9172, or at

Stern Options Review

According to the website, Stern Options is run by a team of experienced professionals with years of experience in the binary options marketplace. With the platform, traders are able to trade currencies, commodities, stocks and indices. As mentioned above, the broker wants traders to know that they can trade 24/7, because they always have assets available to trade. They believe that it doesn’t matter where you live, “you’ll find an asset or a trade that is right for you.”

They believe that they have the highest level of expertise in the market, and cutting edge technology. From what I can see, they are utilizing the spot option platform, which is a good platform but it doesn’t offer anything 2 different from their competitors.

This broker wants the community to know that it’s run by professionals. They mention this multiple times in the sales page, and feel that putting together a group of highly educated individuals that are professionally trained, gives them an edge over other brokers. This seems like a lot of talk, but it’s good to see that they are promoting a positive message.


  • Type: Options Broker
  • Founded: 2016
  • Location: Bulgaria
  • Platform: Web-based, Mobile
  • Payouts: 75-85%
  • Minimum Deposit: $250

Normally, binary options brokers like Stern Options have a plethora of different trading account options, but this doesn’t seem to be the case. Instead of having different account levels, like gold, platinum, or diamond, there is just a simple registration form.

As far as I’m concerned, this is a breath of fresh air. I don’t really appreciated when binary options brokers try to pull larger deposits from their clients, by holding back some of their offers and services. In this case, the broker isn’t holding back aspects of their service, in an attempt to make you deposit more than your comfortable with. You get access to all of their services as soon as you register.

Education Center

The broker website includes an education center which provides access to a couple of different lessons, and an e-book that you can download. The education center includes introduction videos, and in-depth course, strategies and economics. In order to see more of the content provided by Stern Options I have to register an account, but in doing a brief overlook of what they have to offer, I don’t feel that they are providing anything above and beyond what other binary options brokers are providing.

I find that most brokers like Binary Cent, Binary Xchange and Tudor Trade all have brief education centers as well. They are never overly helpful.

Client Feedback

In doing in-depth research, I found positive and negative reviews, but at this point in time the negative reviews are out weighing the positive. There are a couple of stories that are quite egregious, including one posted just a couple of months ago that claims that Stern Options took advantage of a vulnerable, and mentally confused person, losing their life savings.

You can read it, in full here, and see the image as well.

This is a red flag, to say the least.


At first, I was very confident in the Stern Options service, but after reading a handful of reviews and real client feedback, I much more skeptical. I don’t think I can recommend this broker to any of the Binary Today readers at this point in time. If you have anything you would like to add to the review, please do so now.

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