Broker Review: Tudor Trade

The subject of today’s article, is a new binary options brokerage promising to have the highest payouts in the marketplace of up to 90%, Tudor Trade. This broker can also be utilized to trade Forex, and CFDs, but it is most suited for binary options trading, as you can quickly tell when you take a closer look at their trading platform. Unlike many other brokers, traders can immediately access the platform to see how it looks, and reacts, without having to sign up with an account. In order to trade though, you will be prompted to register.

The brokerage is owned and operated by Global Investments Ltd, located at PO BOX 343, Victoria, Mahe, Seychelles. Traders can get in touch with the support staff, by emailing, or calling 44-203-8070235 in the UK, and 1-646-5580048 in the US. There is also a contact form, for people that prefer that method.

Tudor Trade Review

My first impression of the Tudor Trade platform is that it’s a little clunky. Aesthetically, the font types, and sizes of different elements isn’t the most pleasing to the eye, but this isn’t the most important aspect of a brokerage. What concerns me most, is the amount of assets and expiry times that I have choose from. In this case, the brokerage provides us with more than enough assets, including newly introduced crypto currencies and multiple Forex pairs. There are certainly more than enough options, to make any binary options trader comfortable with the platform.

They currently offer 2 types of trading, Turbo and long-term. The Turbo trades range anywhere from 30 seconds to 6 hours, with many expiry times in between, probably the most I’ve seen for any brokerage. In sorting through most of the currencies, it’s quite clear that the payouts are large as they gloat about in their opening statements. This is another plus.

Despite many of these aspects I appreciate, I’m still not 100% sure this is a brokerage that I would move some of my accounts to. They are close but I’m not sure they stack up with some of my recent broker reviews, like Olymp Trade, Race Option and Binary Cent.


  • Type: Options Broker
  • Founded: 2016
  • Location: Seychelles
  • Platform: Web-based
  • Payouts: Up to 90%

I’m not exactly sure how they do it, but the payouts provided by the Tudor Trade broker do seem a little higher than most of the brokers that I’m currently using. I don’t believe that this will make a significant difference trade to trade, but over the long term it would certainly help in the profit department. That is of course, if withdrawals and execution times are reliable or not.

Considering the lack of information about this brokerage available online, my main concern is regarding the legitimacy of the firm. I feel much more comfortable with larger brokers, that already have thousands of clients, but that doesn’t mean that this can’t be a diamond in the rough. Generally, I’ve found binary options trading signals, and software to be more effective with larger firms.

Account Types

The Tudor Trade team is currently offering 4 different account type packages. Depending on how much you are willing to deposit, you will find yourself qualifying for the introduction package, the traders test package, the FX traders package, or the pro-traders package.

The introduction package requires a 250 deposit, and comes with a $100 demo account, a 50% trading bonus and one risk-free trade of $25. The traders test package requires a $500 deposit, and comes with a $300 demo account, a 75% trading bonus and for risk-free trades of $25. The FX traders account requires a deposit of $5000, and comes with a $2000 demo account, a 100% trading bonus, and 5 risk-free trades of $250. This account also comes with something referred to as volume insurance and guaranteed monthly interest as well as weekly money management and consultant meetings. I would like to see more information on these details, because it isn’t explained exactly what they are but there are no reviews on other sites like Binary Options That Suck, so this is our only resource. The final package, is the pro-traders, which requires a deposit of $15,000, and comes with a $5000 demo account, a 150% trading bonus, and 5 risk-free trades of $750. Again, this account comes with volume insurance and OnDemand personal money management services.

There’s quite a few elements in need to larger account sizes that aren’t explained much detail, but I wouldn’t recommend trusting any of these money management services or account managers. These are generally flawed processes, that sound great, but never actually help the trader in the end.


There are aspects of the Tudor Trade brokerage that are impressive, but as an entire package, I’m unsure if it’s offering enough to make me want to change brokerage accounts. The accounts I’m currently with our with brokers that have phone applications, smoother platforms and much more of the history in the marketplace.

If a bunch of clients from this brokerage tell me that it’s great, then maybe I’ll change my mind. So, in order to get the ball rolling please leave a comment with your experiences, and let me know if this broker that I should be considering.

Tudor Trade Deposit
  • Price - 50%
  • Ease of Use - 71%
  • Platform - 75%
  • Feedback - 39%
  • Support - 73%


Up to 90% payouts
Founded 2016


Poor client feedback

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