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Published on March 8th, 2020 | by John Kane


Broker Review: Option League

Lately I’ve been getting questions about a new binary options brokerage that starting to draw some attention, Option League. This broker promises to offer “the ultimate trading experience” by providing a superior platform which simplifies the binary options trading process. The creators of the platform believe that this will help traders achieve maximum profitability and have a more enjoyable experience than they’ve had in the past.

Owned by Lorya Media LTD, this new, 2017 broker is located at Copthall 8, 00152 Roseau Valley, Dominica. They can be contacted via phone, USA: (877) 414-1241, United Kingdom: +44 208 068 3592 and Austria: +43 660 510 8494. To get in touch with their support, traders can also email [email protected].

Option League Review

The Option League brokerage runs on the O-Systems platform. This platform has been around since the beginning of binary options and while it only provides traders with the ability to trade high low option, they do have a very extensive amount of time frames to choose from. Considering all I trade is high low binary options, this will not affect my judgment or use of the brokerage.

There are 4 main aspects that are advertised above all else, in terms of why traders should sign up with this brokerage.

  • Professionalism
  • Comfort
  • Secure
  • Stability

In looking at all 4 of these factors, it’s quite apparent that the people behind this brokerage want us to feel safe with their platform. They consistently tell us that it’s very simple to use, and that there technologists “have created a trading platform which has no parallel in the binary options market today.”

Platform Features

There are 8 features being pushed in order to promote the Option League broker.

They provide one click trading which provides preset trading with up to 99% payouts. Social trading, which allows traders to clients at the brokerage looking to share their signals. Graph display, Japanese candlesticks, personalized colors and quick options that give traders the opportunity to trade any expiry time between one minute and 4 minutes. They also provide long-term options which are up to one year long. Personally, one year is too long to wait for me as I prefer trades in the 5 minute to one hour range.

The last feature that they discuss is the buy more time feature which “allows traders to extend the expiration of an open position by an additional 10, 20 or 30 minutes without needing to rollover to the next expiration period.” So, if you’re in a trade that is just about to lose, you can extend that trade in the hopes that the market returns to a winning position.

Client Feedback

As the Option League broker is still very fresh, there is no real client feedback at this point in time.

To see how this broker stacks up, see our full binary options broker ratings.

Personally, I like what I see so far from this brokerage, but I do hope to hear from some client soon so that I can get a more well-rounded view of the brokerage.


There is a lot of positives derived from the professionalism and sleek aesthetic of the Option League sales page. I am impressed with what I’ve seen, and I plan on doing more research on this broker in the near future to come to a final decision. At this point, I’m going to register with a broker and start testing it myself to see how it performs. With no client feedback currently, I feel it’s only right that I complete the test myself.

Want signals to trade with this broker? Go here.

If you have anything you would like to add to this review, please leave your comments and remarks below the article now.

Option League





Ease of Use









  • Social trading
  • 99% payouts


  • Not very active in 2020

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31 Responses to Broker Review: Option League

  1. Thomas says:

    I recently recovered my investments trading binary options with this broker. I hired a professional to this effect. I will like to share my experience because it is the right thing. Feel free to reach out tgermaine173 at gmaiI dot com

    • Rob says:

      I lost 15k with these guys. Got take
      N in by ben rossi. I have fighting with my bank for over a year with no results. They said go after the vendor. I told them they are out of business. Their attitude is tough shit. Any ideas. Please advise.

    • rob says:

      please contact me so I know how you recovered your funds.

  2. Gloria McCalla says:

    Hi I made my first deposit on 11/16 /17
    $3000.They traded with me We bought
    Apple Facebook Netflik.They were supposed to
    close 02/14/18.Went to the sight and it was
    under construction leave a message but no
    answer.Its a scam they have to be caught. we have
    to do something .I want to know what is in that Dominica
    address. We all have to do something.

    • Rob says:

      The only way to get the feds attention is to tell them they are laundering money for terrorist activity. When they took my funds it wen through a POV thru Afghanistan.

    • snudog says:

      If anyone knows the where about’s of Ben Rossi from Option League let me know. He is a crook & a thief. He owes me $15k along with a ton of other people. He thinks the credit card companies will eat the loss so the investors can get their money back on a provintional deposit while they do their fraud investigation. Unfortunately it’s not happening. Anyone that has lost money with Option League has to push their banks or credit card companies to pursue them vigorously to get results. Most CC companies will tell you they are not responsible for fraud in stocks which is BS. Fraud is fraud. They are receiving interest on your outstanding balance. If they are receiving money for interest then they are responsible. You need to notify your local DA, State Attorney Generals office, FBI & Treasury and complain that this money might be laundered thru off shore accounts to fund terrorist activities. These guys are very smart but a good investigator knows how to follow the money. There’s always a trail & it may surprise everyone where it ends up.

    • Rob says:

      Contact mycharge back, ask for Adam. They can grip you in recovering you funds.

  3. Rob says:

    Their web site is down & under construction that means they are bailing out but the parent firm is listed as the one to contact. I did & still no reply. They are located in Dominica.

  4. Rob says:

    We need to contact the US TreasuryDept & Homeland Security as these funds are going thru an account in Afghanistan & may be laundered for terrorist activity. They use a clearing house called E Payment Support. Their number is 1-877-303-5801. Go to prompt 3 & the persons name is Myless.

  5. TIM SLAMKA says:

    I too have been trying to withdraw $1900 from my account but it has been 2 months with no success. Had lots of contact with them(Joseph Pollack) until I wouldn”t deposit any more money.He would call me every morning and help me trade my account to make a few bucks to gain his trust. As soon as I told him I wouldn’t deposit any more money, I haven’t heard anything from him since.Avoid this site at all costs. SCAM. Phone numbers given for contact are bogus.Would love to run into Joseph Pollack one day.SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAM

  6. Gene miller says:

    I put a total of $27,000 into my account. I was able to get $4000 out in withdraws, but the last withdraw request was on 10-27-17 and it is still pending. I have been trying to call all day now on the phone number that Joseph Pollak called me on, but no-one answers. The support email and Mr. Pollak’s email have been shut down as of 11-27-17. This appears to be a total Ponzi scam. I did the deposit with several credit cards which I have reported the fraud on 11-10-17. Some of the funds have been put back on my cards, but I am waiting for $18,500 to be put back on my Capitalone Visa. Hopefully they will credit it back. They are not legal to take on clients in the United States. Avoid these a-holes at all cost.

  7. VG says:

    Looks likes I am screwed. I invested around 50K so far and today, I can’t get in their website and can’t reach any of their phone numbers. If anybody has any information about these guys, please pass me. I would like to go after them. I don’t find any physical address of their office.

    Can I report any agency in UK about these company? Please let me know if guys have any information about these folks..

    • Gene Miller says:

      I put a total of $27,000 into my account. I was able to get $4000 out in withdraws, but the last withdraw request was on 10-27-17 and it is still pending. I have been trying to call all day now on the phone number that Joseph Pollak called me on, but no-one answers. The support email and Mr. Pollak’s email have been shut down as of 11-27-17. This appears to be a total Ponzi scam. I did the deposit with several credit cards which I have reported the fraud on 11-10-17. Some of the funds have been put back on my cards, but I am waiting for $18,500 to be put back on my Capitalone Visa. Hopefully they will credit it back. They are not legal to take on clients in the United States. Avoid these a-holes at all cost. Contact your Credit card company… Mine gave me my money back.

  8. John says:

    I deposited 200$, after I make over 200$ , I did request 200$ for withdrawing, It took over one week and half the money back to my card. I thought I will lost it. but I am glad I have the withdrawing money.

  9. bobby says:

    eric did you get your money?

    I put in some money and now then they wanted 100k, then they said 50k, then they said 20k, then he told me that if I wanted to make money that I would need to show some kind of cash deposit to show them I am serious.

    seems ludicrous to send an unknown person named joseph Pollack that has an indian accent money without any security ill see it again, with the promisehell make me more money than I can imagine.

    • bobby says:

      sorry I meant– rob did u get your money?

      • bobby says:

        some of the names are Thomas Peterson and joseph Pollack at option league

      • Rob says:

        No I got sweet talked out of 14 grand. I am showing that I made 54k in my bonus account but have not made any money in my regular due to the fact that Ben Rossi never calls me to do the trading as promised. Does any one have an address for there office in london. How do you get back your funds. There has got to be a way. These guys have more telephone numbers then the US pentagon. One thing I did notice there funds transfer goes thru Giana via Pakistan. I hope it is not being funneled into any terrorist organizations. Any body have any ideas.

      • Rob says:

        Go to my chargeback. They are having success in recovering money. There is an upfront fee for there service along with a % of the recovery.

  10. Emile says:

    I want to know if this Eric Strouse is real. Is Options League a scam or not? They keep calling me and someone named Veronica said she’s my account rep and seems to know Eric very well. She openly admitted that they are not regulated and are in the process.

    There is no information on them when you search for them. I called Nadex and obviously THEY said stay away from them but after calling my lawyer, he said that they couldn’t find any info on Options League either.

    So what’s the truth?!

    • Rob Newman says:

      Got sweet talked by their analyst Ben Rossi for a lot of money. He seemed pretty knowledgeable in the beginning. He would stay on line with you durning the trade cycle & we were making money. The problem started when I wanted to with draw some of my funds. It never happened & e is never available for our trading sessions. You call their toll tee # 1 877 414 2722 which is supposedly in London England & they answer the phone but you can only leave a message to have him call you. I think this is a pump & dump operation. They will not give you there business office. I think there numbers are drop numbers & not even located in London. Their web page looks great but don’t get fooled. I needed this income to support my self in retirement. I was not looking for a quick buck but a steady income which I thought was an honest operation. In plain English I think I amF$&@?). If you can find out any information on a contact number & person I would greatly appreciate it.

  11. Eric Strouse says:

    Its the 18th. I made a withdraw on the 7th for 2000. I have not got my withdraw nor will the broker return my calls or emails. This broker does not pay and you will only be putting your money in an account to never get it or your winnings back. I can provide screen shots to anyone who would like them.

  12. eric strouse says:

    Hi have you tested this site out. I have built an account with them and requested a withdraw today. Still no response at this time.

  13. Eric Strouse says:

    Hi I started trading with this broker. I deposited 200 to start and built an account to 1900. So as far as the actual platform seems good. I did a request for withdraw today and will advise how that went once I get it or not. After all the withdraw is what everyone is most consigned about. Thanks Eric

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