BO Not BS Binary Trading Review

BO-Not-BSBO not BS is a binary trading system by a group of self-proclaimed software geeks that jumped into the financial markets a couple years ago and got hooked. According to the website, this team of traders joined forces with some hard-core expert traders and computerized all their knowledge into an automatic trading platform with the goal of beating human traders.

Today I’ll be providing a review and letting you know if this binary options developer is different from all the rest.

BO Not BS Review

Like most binary options trading systems that come out in recent weeks, the BO not BS software is an automated trading solution. The team that put this together believe that it’s better than other platforms because they’ve combined statistical analysis and pattern recognition to make sure the software only chooses winners. After this integration they crosscheck the recommendation with technical analysis and other trading strategies in order to provide profitable signals. While it sounds like they are telling us about the strategy, they really aren’t. There is really nothing detailed here that helps me understand how the software works and what type of trading method we should expect.

The BO not BS video starts off well. They try to tell us that there are quite a few risks associated with binary options, which is the truth. It really seems like they are on the right path until they start to promises. They tell us that their system has a guaranteed 70% winning ratio but they can’t provide any proof to back this up. I really only like to see numbers like these when they are actually substantiated with some sort of trading account or trading statement. Sadly, this developer doesn’t provide us with that information so it’s difficult for me to give them any sort of recommendation.

Today I can’t recommend the BO not BS trading platform to any of the binary today readers. While I want to recommend more systems in this marketplace we just have to understand that most products aren’t worth our time. Later today I’ll be putting together my income report so that you can see what software I’m currently using and what works for the rest of the binary today community. If there is something you want to add to this review please leave a question or comment below the article now. I really appreciate you coming to binary today and hope that this website helps you take the next step in your binary options trading career. Thanks again, and have a great day.

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