Binary Review: The 1Option

Today I’m reviewing a new binary options trading robot the claims to of made automated trading simple and successful, the 1Option. This product presentation is very similar to hundreds that we’ve seen in the past. There is very little information provided, and the information that is provided doesn’t give us any real detail or understanding of how the software determines trade logic.

The domain name is who is protected, so we do not know who the creator of this software is. On the contact page, they tell us that the product is owned and operated by Binary Options Ltd, located in Seychelles, but they only provide us with a PO Box. If you need to contact support, and if you are interested in this software I certainly recommend that you do email to get some much-needed answers.

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The 1Option Review

The vendor of the 1Option is trying to push forth the notion that this is a very simple automated solution. Yet, simple doesn’t always mean successful and some of the sales page verbiage contradicts simplicity. One of the statements claims that there are “more than 500 signals combinations and 3 different methods,” making this “the most adaptive software on the market.”

What I don’t understand in all this, is why they wouldn’t give us more information about the strategies and signals. Historically, in the binary options market, vendors will give us brief bullet points and no real explanations because they don’t have the trading knowledge to adequately present a real methodology. It’s very possible that this is the case in this scenario as well. It’s possible that the creator of the system doesn’t know how it works, and is just throwing a few bullet points at us here and there to try and convince us that it works.

What Is It?

  • Type: Automated Software
  • Cost: Deposit

The 1Option website consists of less than 200 words, which is never a good idea when proposing an investment opportunity. A smart investor will want to know more about a product or opportunity before they sign up. In this case, the 7 bullet points just isn’t enough to adequately describe and prove that this is a viable option.

They tell us that they won the best options platform 2016, at the “TradeTech Awards.” First of all, this isn’t even a platform, it’s a binary options software. The developers of the system should know the difference. A platform, is the system or program that a binary options broker runs on, not a software. Furthermore, I’ve done enough research to believe that this award doesn’t exist, and considering the website was created with one month left in 2016, they wouldn’t win an award for that year on just a couple of days or weeks of data.

Trading Results

There are no trading results available for the 1Option software. The creators of the system obviously want us to believe that the software successful, because they tell us that it is. In the binary options market, where vendors are unscrupulous, it’s never a good idea to take someone on their word.

So, I certainly won’t be doing that today.


It’s clear to me that the 1Option robot is the type of system that we should be avoiding. The vendor does nothing to instill me with confidence and make me believe that this trading system actually has a chance. The website consists of nothing but a few brief bullet points, and nothing that actually backs them up.

Please let me know what you think about the software, and if you’ve used it I’d love to hear your experiences.

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