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home-profit-makrHome Profit Makr is a new free binary options application. The developers behind the system claim that the app crowd funded over $1 million and now they are providing it to the binary options community for free. They want us to watch a four-minute video that is meant to reveal all about the software.

Today I’ll be providing a review and letting you know whether I believe that this system did crowdfunding that much money and what we should expect from it.

Home Profit Makr Review

Like most free binary options systems the Home Profit Makr consists of a short video on the front page and a button that says start my free campaign now which will take you to the members area. The video explains how this software is an open source project that was completely funded and created by the community. They show a screenshot in the video that the software had over 2700 funders and over 280 comments but in my online Google searches I am unable to find this profit prize fund anywhere. The developers also don’t mention whether this was on kickstart are or what sort of crowdsourcing website was used.

The video explains to us that the Home Profit Makr has already been on the market for a while now because the crowd sourcers gained early access to the software. They then show results of some of these traders and how they made extreme returns pulling in over $9000 in less than a week in over $8000 in just over a week. These are just statements though there is no actual verified proof of these trading accounts.

Home Profit Makr Final Thoughts

At this point I need more information on the Home Profit Makr before I can make a final judgment. I’ve a lot of questions I need answers to and I hope that the developers of this system or some of the users can clarify this for me. I really would like to know where this was crowdsourcing that I can get a closer look at the project and see why people wanted to get involved with it in the first place. If you something you would like to add to this review please leave your contributions below. As always I appreciate you coming out the binary today and hope that the rest of the website can help you achieve your goals and dreams in the binary options market. Today I made some additions to the website that will hopefully speeded up and make your user experience much better. Have a wonderful day in do everything you can to make sure that you end up on the right side of the ledger.

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