Binary Secret Review

binary-secretBinary Secret is a binary options trading application by David Craig. David tells us that hes a certified analyst with the WWFA academy and aht during the last 12 years he worked at one of the biggest brokers on Wall Street.

Today I’ll be reviewing David’s credentials and letting you know if you should trust him and his application.

Binary Secret Review

David tells us that his Binary Secret is built on the fact that he found a unique pattern of making daily profits. According to his story he acquired the help of some software engineers that put his pattern into a fully functioning system that has a success rate of 93.62%. I’ve certainly heard stories like these many times in the past. One thing is always the same with these stories, they are always incredibly vague. We are never told what broker David worked for on wall street and there is never any explanation of his strategy. I’m sure if David had some trading knowledge he would give us some insight into the trading approach instead of telling us that it’s a magic box.

As the Binary Secret sales page continues David says that over 2400 users tested the system. Considering my reach in this market I find that extremely hard to believe. I am in contact with a great number of traders, and any system with more than 1000 people trying it, I know about. I first heard about this system when it came out a couple of weeks ago, never heard anything before then. In doing a little more research I can see that the actor in the video played a different character in the production of the instant trader and theory of wealth system. So it seems as David is an actor and so is one of the testimonials.

Today I will not be recommending the Binary Secret to you. As is often the case there are a handful of discrepancies and red flags that attack the viability of this product. I really only go into an investment with my eyes open. If there’s any discrepancy I will turn away and so that’s what I have to do today. If there’s something you would like to say, please leave a comment. Thanks for coming, have a good one!

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