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Point-Click-CashPoint Click Cash is an automated binary options trading software. The developers of the software guarantee that it makes over $5000 a week. They tell traders that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and that membership does not come around frequently.

Today I’ll be taking a closer look and reviewing this new automated binary trading system.

Point Click Cash Review

The Point Click Cash website consists of a video an email subscription form and a members area. In the video the developers tell us that “for once in you’re ordinary life you got lucky” for having this opportunity. They go onto tell us that we are so close to achieving insane wealth and massive fortune faster than we ever thought possible. I’m kind of surprised that 15 seconds into the video they would miss spell the word massive, that hardly provides me with much enthusiasm.

Next, the Point Click Cash developer tells us that were less than 7 clicks away from brand-new automated technology yet in the video it says 9 clicks away. They seem to be some weird discrepancies with the marketing of this product or just a gluttony up mistakes in the written materials. When you into the members area you are told that you have joined the queue that you have to follow all the steps as quickly as possible in order to gain access to this automated system. Of course that just means traders have to deposit with the binary options broker like usual.

Today I won’t recommend Point Click Cash because it’s too early in the process. I’ve not yet tested the software so I cannot give a full review but at this point in time I am not overly impressed by what they are providing us. My hope is that if I wait a couple of weeks real traders will start using the system and then I’ll be able to go by their results instead of relying on a video that provides no results or strategic analysis. If you have something you would like to add to this review I appreciate all of your contributions on the binary today website. Thank you for coming and I hope that you have a wonderful Easter weekend.

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