Binary Options Infographic

Here is the binary options infographic, just thought I would put something together with some unique information for the Binary Today community. Here is each point:

  • The average deposit a single trader makes is $1,400.
  • 70% of traders will continue trading beyond their first deposit.
  • Each trader will perform an average of 350 trades.
  • In order to have long term success a trader has to be correct 54.5% of the time.
  • 25% of losing traders will become profitable in 3-5 months.
  • 74% of traders are male, 26% female.


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 Binary Options Infographic Feedback

One of the most important points that I take from this image is that 25% of losing traders will become profitable in 3-5 months. While many may look at this and get frustrated it’s actually a very bright sign. It’s proof that losing traders that put in the work will be rewarded.

You can look at that statistic in the binary options infographic and say wow 75% of losing traders won’t be profitable in 3-5 months or you can consider the types of people that are out there. Most traders don’t have what it takes because they give up on themselves and the systems they are working with.

Sadly, I’ve seen it happen too many times.

What I see when I look at that statistic is that 25% of the people are serious enough to work on it and the others are just giving up or not putting the time in. That’s common place in most areas of life so this is no real surprise to me.

The point is, if you are losing today you DON’T have to be losing tomorrow.

If you take anything from the binary options infographic I hope it’s that. Have a wonderful day and if you’re not on top yet, find a way to get yourself there.

Please leave comments if you have anything you would like to add, maybe talk about your story and how you are doing currently in binary options. I would love to hear from you.

Lastly, if you have a web-site feel free to share the infographic with your readers, I would appreciate that as well.

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