AutoTrader Review: Fortune Bot

Today I’m analyzing a new automated binary options tool that promises an easy way to automatically earn a fortune, Fortune Bot. The developers push hard, and attempt to get traders to sign up without doing too much research by telling them that they need to create their account before their “free spot is taken.” Systems like these are an issue in the binary options market, because they make promises, but never back them up.

There is no location for the offices, but traders can get in touch with the support team via email, For all binary options products, and in depth ratings feel free to check this page here.

Fortune Bot Review

The first impression the Fortune Bot sales page gives, is not impressive. One of the first elements on the site is a few badges that claim that the page is “easy safe and secure,” because it’s SSL protected, verisign trusted and so on. Yet, if you click to the left of the navigation bar, where you enter the website, you will be shown that your connection to this site is not secure. A website without an SSL certificate isn’t the end of the world, but why this developer believes it’s important to lie about this, makes no sense at all.

Trading Results

The next obvious we are subjected to by the Fortune Bot team, is the claim that their members have generated over $2 million. This just can’t be true. For one, there is no actual proof of this outside of a number that jumps up by intervals every few seconds. They don’t show any actual trades, and any system that’s made over $2 million wouldn’t be pushing just over 100 YouTube views.


The Fortune Bot developers believe that a couple of testimonials is enough to prove that their software is profitable. These are not video testimonials, no trading statements are provided, and the images used are all stock photos that can be purchased online.

One of the testimonials is from Ethan Trembley who says that he showed his family how this works back in September. Originally, “they were skeptical if this would work. Now that I have made over $32,000 I think it’s safe to say that we are all true believers!”

Ethan claims that he’s been using the software since September, yet the website just popped up a few days ago, and the YouTube video is less than a month old.

None of this adds up.


It’s quite clear to me that we are being sold a poorly put together collection of lies with this Fortune Bot robot. The development team lies to us each step of the way, and that’s no way of developing trust and solidifying a professional investment opportunity. Do not register with this autotrader, because it’s the Binary Today’s opinion that this will only let you down.

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