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Published on April 1st, 2020 | by Sara Kane


Aphria Trader Review: Is it something you can trust?

Aphria trader is another automated trading bot that seems to lure the potential investors to deposit their hard earned money only to lose it all or be stolen by the scam that it is. It is using the name of a famous trading stock “Aphria” from the past year, which was easily among the top five stocks of Canada in the year 2019.

The origins of the website developers are unknown as there are no necessary contact details present on the website itself. The reachable address for the website is There is a multitude of reviews found about the website online, but none of them seems to back their promised results.

Aphria Trader Review

In order to be able to comment promptly on how reliable and trustworthy the website is, some basic facts regarding it are a must to know. Aphria stock takes its name from a famous Canadian marijuana stock that was easily contending in the top five spaces of licensed stocks of 2019. No doubt the marijuana stocks saw a rise and promising result regardless of the critics, but in reality, it has nothing to do with the “Aphria Trader” website that uses success as its top marketing tool.

The website operates on an automated trading bot that takes the reigns of trading into its hands entirely. You sitting as a mere spectator to your own stocks, are going to looking at a script that has been written quite long ago in time. The results and working of the website can be closely affiliated with the working methodology of the infamous scam trading sites like Bitcoin Superstar and Bitcoin Era.

The most prominent piece of evidence that suggests the company is quite questionable, is the absence of any authenticated trade graphs and contact information. Even though a few rows of stocks have been added at the bottom but it only shows the profits, whereas the Aprhia stock has seen a decline in reality over the past quarter of the year.


The design of the website of Aphria Trader is as such that it requires you to deposit your investments with shady brokers working near you, and the affiliation of those brokers you can already judge by yourself. To cover up their steps of stealing your money and splitting it with the brokers, they provide you the face of a rigged automated trading bot that loses all your money over the span of a few days.

The trading algorithm of the trading bot is known to be rigged in such a way that it is going to display fake results when operating on a demo. And even when you are forced to make the initial deposits, it is going to display to you a number of promising fake rigged results, trying to lure you into investing more money. But the only known reality is that all the money invested in this less than a trustworthy website is never to be seen again by investors.


Here is a quick analysis of the website to help you understand the better the crux of it.

  • Located: Not Disclosed
  • Founded: 2019
  • Strategy: An automated trading bot that displays to you a generic form of results that have been tampered with.
  • Trading Results: Unrealistic and displayed as the real Aphria Stock.
  • Price: N/A

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Trading Results

The website
fails to provide active trading results of the stocks, except for a couple of
entries that have been listed near the bottom of the page. But those entries
are far from reality as well and have evidently been tampered with to gain your
attention and trust.

It can be known that the trading results are fake because the Aphria Stock shown on the website is only displaying a profit, whereas the actual stock saw a rather bumpy, but generally a declining graph in the stock market over the last quarter of the year.

Client Feedback

Even though the website itself seems to be developed with an optimized intention that is a user-friendly platform, the only important missing information from it is not just the contact information of the developers but also the user testimonials. Very few reviews about this company can be found on the third party website, however, but not a single review can be said to verify the claims made on their website.


We can conclude our review of Aphria Traders by mentioning that the developers have attempted to set up a nice layout for the website, but as you begin to look closely, you are not given the laxity of toggling through areas of interests as they are mere images. Their main tool of marketing is the generalized stocks of marijuana and cannabis. There is no guarantee given on the investments made as there is no possible option of a follow-up to contact the developers directly. Considering the many loopholes evident to a person who has the least bit of an idea about trading stocks, we recommend that you stay extra cautious.

If you have something similar to share about the website or have any experience with this company, feel free to drop a comment below.

Aphria Trader

Not mentioned






Trading Results


Client Feedback


Customer Support



  • High profit claims
  • Apparently free to register


  • No details of strategy explained
  • No verified proof trading results given
  • No client testimonials
  • Contact details are also missing
  • Insufficient product details

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