Anonymous Trader

anonymous traderAnonymous trader is a new free binary options trading software. The people that put together this software have a very strange way of marketing and I think that it is deceptive and not very professional.

Today I’ll be providing review and analyzing why the team behind this product are marketing their products in such a strange way and why type of impact that will have on potential customers.

Anonymous Trader Review

When you first enter the anonymous trader webpage you will find a video on the left-hand side an email subscription form on the right. The video starts itself and tries to make it seem like some of big event is happening and that this screen is being taken over by hackers. After that, there is a guy wearing a mask, a mask that originated from the movie v for vendetta. It’s almost too ridiculous to write about but considering this is the information they are giving me I have no other choice.

As the anonymous trader video wears on the guy in the mask is telling us that we’ve been scammed repeatedly. He claims that the binary options market is rigged so that nobody can win. It seems like they’re trying to create doubt by using hysterical conspiracy theories. I really don’t see how this is the proper way to market a financial investment. As far as I’m concerned this is a total joke. No part of me is gullible enough to believe in these theories. I just can’t see how anyone in the right frame of mind would invest real money in something so far-fetched as this.

guy in a mask

This is just so absurd.


Today I will not be recommending the anonymous trader software to any binary today reader or anyone who stumbles upon this website. This is clearly a bad ploy to try and suck in some conspiracy theory lovers into signing up with a binary options broker and using a software that likely doesn’t work. Please let me know what you think about the system because I’m sure if you watched even 2 minutes of this video you have something funny to contribute. Thanks for stopping by and I hope that this review at the very least brought a smile to your face.

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