98% Success Review

98%-Success98% success is a new binary options product promising to make beta testers $688 per day. The developers of the system tell us that they are taking advantage of a computer bug. They claim that this is the same glitch that shut down the New York Stock Exchange for 4 hours at the beginning of July.

Today I will be reviewing this software and letting the binary today readers know we should trust a computer hack with our investment.

98% Success Review

The 98% success website consists of a video, an email subscription form and a bunch of different testimonials. In the video the narrator tells us that the stock market crash earlier this year was more serious than people know. He tells us that because of this glitch he’s been able to create an application that provides people with a 98.4% success rate. We are shown screenshots of PayPal trading accounts with $700,000, $800,000 and one with over million dollars and it. I’m not saying that these images are Photoshop but the easily can be because the resolution in the video is very low and it’s not difficult to plug-in a new number on a white background and show us an image. It’s not like they are actually logging into the account and showing us the funds and how they got there.

My lack of trust in the 98% success system is perpetuated by their testimonials. The bottom of the sales page we can see that they have both a Facebook and twitter feed available. Here we can see multiple traders claiming to have had great success due to the system. Craig Ledoux tells us that he discovered a way to leave his poor economic standing behind him. Another testimonial is from Patrick Haller who says that he made $654 in his first day. The problem with these testimonials is that when you go onto Facebook or twitter and try to find the people and the posts, they don’t exist. This leads me to believe that they are fabricated.

I cannot recommend the 98% Success system to any of the binary today readers. The PayPal screenshots don’t impress me and the testimonials from people that don’t exist is equally as disturbing. If you something you would like to add to this review please let me know what you think about the system and if you think I’m correct in my review. As always, if you need help in the binary options market you can click ask John at the top of page at any time and send me a personal email.


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