Zero Loss Formula

zero-loss-formulaZero Loss Formula is a new binary options trading robot developed by Peter Morgan. Peter tells us that he’s the founder and CEO of Zero Loss Formula Holdings. I’ve never heard of him, or his company despite the fact that he claims the company has been in business since 2012.

Today I’ll provide an in-depth review and analysis of this trading software and what it has to offer the binary market.

Zero Loss Formula Review

My initial thoughts are that the Zero Loss Formula is a scam. I really hate using that word because it’s a blanket statement too frequently used by scammers attacking their competition. In this case though, I feel it’s necessary. Peter Morgan tells us that his software has earned himself and his companies partners over $96 million in the last 4 years. He promises a 90% win ratio and that during the beta testing process traders have been making up to $3000 a day.

This really doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. Why would Peter Morgan and his Zero Loss Formula require the beta test if he’s been making millions of dollars over the past 4 years. If the software made over $90 million since 2012 it wouldn’t need a beta test 2016 to work out the bugs.

Peter Morgan

hedge-formulaI really don’t believe Peter Morgan’s story. The numbers are too inflated and many of the statements he makes conflict with each other. Also, I recognize the actor who is playing Peter Morgan. He played George Dalio in the Hedge Formula, a product released in early May that got a terrible 1/5 rating by the Binary Today readers. This is another red flag and there are quite a few adding up now.

Trading Results

As always, the most important element of any product is the trading results. So how does the Zero Loss Formula stack up in this regard? Not well. In the video and in the members area there are a handful of testimonials that show traders have made millions of dollars in returns. There are no actual trading statements or trade signals that verify these results.


I found a discrepancy within these testimonials. I went into the members area and put in some fake information to register an account. Immediately, I was taken to 365 binary option to deposit funds. Yet, if you take a close look at the results being provided in the testimonials you will see brokers like Bloombex, Option Stars Global, Porter Finance and GTOptions. None of these brokers are compatible with the system as it only works with 365 binary option. This is another red flag in the last one that I’ll take note of today.


I see no reason to recommend the Zero Loss Formula. Peter Morgan is clearly an actor, the testimonials are all fabricated and there’s nothing on the website that suggests the developers of the system know anything about binary options. As far as I’m concerned, one issue is too many when it comes to analyzing investment opportunities. So three is extremely poor.

If you are looking for the best binary options software I suggest you spend some time here on binary today and see what works for my readers. This is a very successful community that finds a way to win trades as a team using real trading strategies and profitable tools.

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