DeepNet Trading Review

deepnet-tradingDeepNet Trading is a binary options software that’s advertising itself as a revolution that can help traders earn $875 per day. They claim that their technology is sending law makers into a panic.

Today I’ll be reviewing this system and informing the Binary Today community of it’s potential and whether or not we can depend on it moving forward.

DeepNet Trading Review

The DeepNet Trading website consists of a short video, a few testimonials, a couple badges and an email subscription form. One of the badges reads that they took part in the 2014 TS trade software awards. In doing a Google search I am unable to find anything on these awards even when I do a date specific search back at 2014. We often see fake badges used to make systems look better than they are but this one hardly does that anyways so we can just ignore it. The story behind this system is that it’s been cultivated in the deep web, a place where 96% of the traffic is unmonitored by traditional search engines. While most only know of the negative aspects of the deep web and the illegal activities that go on the developers of this tool believe that the same connections can be utilized for a positive potential.

They believe their DeepNet trading system allows for utilizing the fastest trading speeds on the internet because of their connections to the deep web. They tell us that with their access big financial companies don’t have the ability to hide information. We aren’t told what information is beind hid and how this tool is using it to impact our accounts positively. We keep being told that information is available but the video is so vague we never actually ge tto hear anything of substance. It seems like this is just another story with no real ending.

I won’t be recommending DeepNet trading to the Binary Today readers. There’s really nothing new here. It’s the same sort of vague story we’ve heard many times before but none of the dots are connected. We never find out anything about the strategy or why this is helpful at all. There is no proof and we are really left to make our decision based on a video that lacks any real trading substance. If you have something you would like to add to this review, please leave your comments now.

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