Turbine XO – 94% Accuracy

turbine-xoTurbine XO is a new binary options product by Andrew Fisher. Fisher tells us that his auto-trading software is 94% accurate and fully proven by independent parties.

Today I’ll be providing a review and letting you know if you can trust this new binary options developer.

Turbine XO Review

My initial thoughts on the Turbine XO sales page aren’t very positive. The web-site isn’t very professional with stretched images and a poorly put together pie chart that’s supposed to represent investor profits. I’ll get to that later in the results section. First, I want to point out the BBB A+ accredited business image. This image suggests that Turbine XO is accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Which means we can find it on their website and verify that fact. Yet, if you go to bbb.org and do a search no results will be found. Thus, it is not accredited and this image is fake. A classic case of deceitful marketing right at teh top of the web page.

This hardly gives me any faith in this product as a real investment option.

Turbine Video Review

Trading Results

The trading results for the Turbine XO system are asinine. The sales page shows a pie chart at the top right ot the website labeled “Investors Profits.” This pie chart is suggesting that there are multiple clients that have made more than $500,000, $250,000, 100,000 and so on. Fisher is essentially telling us that his clients have made millions in profits from his system. I don’t see how this is possible.

Today is the first I’m ever hearing of Turbine, and there’s little to no information about this software online. Products that make over $130 million in profits aren’t kept secret for 4 months.

In the members area there is a section labeled “live member activity” where they claim to have 20 new members today and 100 members total. Which means the 80 clients before today have made over $134 million dollars in profits. This is a ridiculous claim and it isn’t backed up by any statistics at all. There isn’t a list of trades just a couple of charts that don’t prove anything. I’d really like to see the independent proof Fisher tells us about on the front page but it’s nowhere to be found.

This lack of proof is consistent in the binary options market. It is proof to me that this product will not provide us with the profits we are seeking.


Do not sign-up with Turbine XO. They have no proof and the promises Andrew Fisher makes are clearly leading you into a get rich quick scheme. Don’t get involved with binary options products that don’t provide you with trades or strategic analysis.

I recommend that you spend some time on my binary options 101 page learning what works for me and the rest of my reader-base. Thanks for stopping by and please leave a comment with your thoughts.

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