The Millionaire in PJs Review

the-millionaire-in-pjsThe Millionaire in PJs is a new binary options software that’s supposedly generated over $230 million for it’s members. Depending on how long you have the website open, the profit of the members is increased, thus it’s not a live tally, just a number counter.

Today I’ll review this system and let you know all the dirty little secrets this binary options product developer doesn’t want you to know.

The Millionaire in PJs Review

Like most binary products the millionaire in pjs website is a basic video and email subscription template. The developers ask traders how much money they would like to make and what amount of money coming in would make them feel secure. Then the narrator of the video insinuates that this system has the capabilities of making over $10,000 a day and more. He even goes to the extent of saying that if you’re interested in earning $500-600 a month then this is not the software for you. This system is supposedly only for people looking to accrue “unbelievable wealth.” The get rich quick scheme alert bell is going off in my head at this point.

The millionaire in PJs video goes on to say that anyone can afford this system because “it’s not going to cost you a thing.” Sadly, that’s not the truth as in order to trade binary options you will have to deposit money with a brokerage. So, if you have no funds, you will not be able to trade, it’s that simple. The people behind this system claim to have verified proof, and then show a screen shot of the trade verify website. This website is supposed to provide trading account verification but in my experiences falls short. Also, the developer never actually shows us trade verify results, he just shows us a screen shot of the website and then continues to show other unrelated images.

I do not recommend the millionaire in pjs product at this point in time, and yes I said product because that’s what it is. All this fluffy conversation about the system being a free tool is just not accurate in my eyes. This is a product and the developer will benefit if you use it, that’s a fact. If you have something you want to add, please do so by writing a comment now. I look forward to reading your thoughts and hope that this review suits your needs.

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