The Golden Paradigm Review

the-golden-paradigmThe Golden paradigm is a new binary options trading software by Nathan Weiss. According to Weiss traders can expect to earn $1000 per hour using a patented
G.P. technology. According to the website I only have 9 minutes left until the next invitee takes my spot, I don’t believe that this is true.

Today I’ll be providing a review so you know whether or not we can trust this binary options software moving forward.

The Golden Paradigm Review

Like most binary options products the Golden paradigm website is short and sweet. They provide us with a short video, an email subscription form and a bunch of testimonials that I don’t believe. Once tells us that him and his colleagues discovered a top-secret trading algorithm it’s based on 85 years of historical data. They found that using this data they are able to create a trading system with a 97% winning rate. This really sounds like a story that I’ve heard 100 times before. Every single system that comes out is based on some sort of secret that can’t be revealed. I feel like this is just a way for marketers that don’t actually know how to trade binary options to hide their lack of knowledge.

Products like the Golden paradigm will push the idea of the secret so that they don’t have to explain a real binary options strategy. I feel like half of
the developers in this market haven’t ever placed a trade on their own. As the video continues Weiss tells us that you will get free access to the system
for a year and after making $1.5 million you just have to pay back $7000 is a fee.

After all these large claims we see a testimonial from a man named Charlie trade back who tells us that he’s made over $25,000 in just a few days. This is
exact same guy is in almost every binary options video I have ever seen, so we cannot trust is testimonial and that surely raises a red flag.

Today I will not be recommending the Golden paradigm to the binary today readers. It’s clear to me that the developers are getting paid by Titan trade to
bring in new depositors and that seems like it’s their only motivation. If there’s something you would like to add to this review please leave a comment or
question below. Also, please check out my latest income report where I do some live trades with the binary today trader system and show you exactly how I
approach the markets.


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