Software Review: Binary Tradeo

Today I’m looking at a new binary options software claiming to make trading simpler, Binary Tradeo. The system comes across like many of the binary trading programs I’ve reviewed in the past. In fact, I believe that this trading system is a white label binary options product. That means that it’s a product we’ve seen hundreds of times in the past under different aliases, promoted by different marketers. This is not a positive.

There are no disclaimers on the website, no locations or addresses and not even an email address for customer support. At the very least, every online business needs to have an email address, but that’s not the case here.

Binary Tradeo Review

What makes no sense to me, is that the vendors that use the white-label software and re-brand it into products like Binary Tradeo and others, never give us any different information. Every single one of these websites provide traders with the exact same sales pitch, and features list.

  • No Download Required
  • Best User Experience
  • Free Demo Account
  • Advanced Settings
  • No Specific Broker
  • Managed Account Fee

First, if you’ve ever come across one of these websites you will of probably tested out the free demo account. Just like the Xpress Money Bot, which I reviewed just a few days ago, the demo account is a total fabrication. You will click a button that enables auto trading and within 10 minutes you will have won a whole bunch of trades. Yet, if you ever run this demo account alongside the actual software you will notice that none of the trades line up. Instead, the trades that you are winning in the demo account don’t even exist in the live account. How about that for a magic trick.

Money Management Settings

Just like the other systems, Binary Tradeo promises 3 presets, classic, martingale and fibonacci. The classic account is meant to keep all your trades typical and easy to manage. The martingale system is a terrible strategy that doubles your investment after every loss trade. The Fibonacci management system utilizes ancient math to accurately predict swings in the market.

None of these strategies will actually help you because as we’ve seen with this product before, they are not incorporated properly.

There is also a section that tells traders about different indicators involved with the strategy, CCI, RSI, Trend, STOCH, WILLIAMS, MACD. Whether or not these indicators are actually involved, really has no impact on the software because we’ve already seen it in action.


There is an ongoing live trades section on Binary Tradeo that shows the last 10 trades at any point in time. None of these trades are actually real. If you come to this website on the weekend, you will see that there are live trades happening. This is not possible. Yet, they are using a script to create fake trades on the website 24/7. This is just more proof that the vendor can’t be trusted.


There is nothing that suggests to me that the Binary Tradeo software is worth our time. We’ve seen this exact trading system sold under many different names, and it’s never proven to be successful. There is no reason to purchase a software that you know is deemed to fail. I wish I had better news for you today, but this is just the honest truth.

Thank you for spending time with me here at binary today and please feel free to email me with any questions or concerns you have about trading binary options.

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