Option Review: Xpress Money Bot

Today I’m looking at an auto trading solution that provides traders with a demo account immediately after registering, Xpress Money Bot. The main purpose of this review, is to investigate this demo account, and draw conclusions based on the motives of the vendor. There are certainly quite a few questions about this demo account, and its purpose and promoting this trading system.

There is no information about the developers, or the location of the offices working on this service. For support, traders can email contact@xpressmoneybot.com. For a list of all our binary software reviews go here.

Xpress Money Bot Review

There is a major lack of information provided by the Xpress Money Bot vendor. Upon landing on the sales page, traders are immediately prompted with a registration form that offers the “best software to make money automatically.” There are 4 sentences explaining how easy the installation is, and how we can test it out with no risk at all. Outside of these sentences, there is a frequently asked questions section that provides a little more information, but still nothing adequate or comparable to the more effective binary options vendors.


In the frequently asked questions section is riddled with grammar and spelling mistakes. In this section, we are told that the Xpress Money Bot “software follows mathematical methods that gives winning at 87 % of the times.” Then, they tell us that means only 13 out of every hundred clients isn’t satisfied with their product. This math makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, and certainly draws attention to the intelligence level of the vendor.

If the software won 87% of the time, then no clients would ever ask for a refund, because it would win 87% for everyone. This is an automated software, that’s supposed to provide the exact same trades for every single client, which makes their math equation make absolutely no sense at all. It makes no sense to me why they are claiming that the software works for 87% percent of the clients. This is confusing, and very poorly constructed.

Xpress Money Bot Demo

The product is promoted heavily using the demo account, because the vendors feel if they can get you trading on a demo account and show many wins, that you will be more likely to deposit with their recommended brokerage, LionEXO.

Yet, there are major deficiencies and issues with this binary options demo.

It’s my belief, that the Xpress Money Bot Demo is 100% fake, and only being utilized as a fake means to make the system come across as a real winner. However, closer inspection shows that the trades being provided are all fake, and win in every single case.

Furthermore, it’s Saturday afternoon as I’m writing this article, and for some reason this demo account is still taking in winning trades. It is not possible to trade binary options on the weekend, so this only further strengthens my point.


I recommend that everyone stays far away from the Xpress Money Bot, binary option solution. This trading product utilizes a binary options demo account that shows fake win after fake to try and trick traders into signing up and depositing with their recommended brokerage. Make sure that you make the right decision, and don’t get caught up in such a poorly put together scheme.

Thank you for spending time here at Binary Today, and please continue to have a wonderful weekend. If you ever need any help in this market, I am always here to help you.

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