Signal Hive Review

signal-hiveSignal hive is a binary options signals provider that claims to be the number one signals marketplace providing an average win rate of over 65% proven by years of testing and data. They provide all their signals in the members area and are currently charging $50 per month for those who want access their signals.

Today I’ll be reviewing the potential of this signal service and informing the binary today readers about how it works and if we should consider trusting it.

Signal Hive Review

The registration process for the signal hive software is a little convoluted. Traders can either pay $50 per month to access 15 trades per day at a rate of 65% ITM and get one month of robotic signal stream for free or they can deposit funds with a broker on their webpage and get one month free of all robotic and human signal streams. I assume this means that they have indicators that provide signals and humans that provide signals, and each is considered a stream. It seems like they are setting us up for a handful of upsell’s as basic registration will give us access to 5 signal streams but then there is an additional fee if we want to subscribe to specific traders.

So in order to use the signal hive system traders will have to enter the members area and then spend more money based on what type of signal streams they want to be associated with. The expiry times associated with the signals vary from 5 minutes to end of day. A positive element of service is the fact that they have a community so traders can engage in discussions and try to improve their in the money percentage as a team. At this point in time they do not have any automated signals but they claim that this is coming soon. According to some of the current clients of this software the developers of the system have been promising automation for a very long time.

At this point in time I’m not going to give a recommendation to signal hive. At $50 a month and a confusing sales approach I would like to hear more from actual clients before giving this a positive recommendation. I would say that most elements on this webpage past the eye test, and I don’t believe that this is a get rich quick scheme. This is certainly a system I would like to spend more time investigating and discussing with the binary today readers. If you something you would like to contribute to this article now is the time for you to leave your comments. Thank you for spending your time here on binary today and please have a wonderful holiday season.


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