Self Made Millionaires Biz – 10K Bonus

self-made-millionaires-bizSelf Made Millionaires Biz is a new binary options product by Jacob Adams. Adams is promising to help ordinary people “crank out $100, $500 and even $1000+ days online.”

Today I’ll be providing a review so you know if there is any legitimacy to these claims. As always, the product is available for free as long as you register and deposit with their binary options broker. This is not really free, because in order to deposit you will have to use your credit card and there’s no guarantee that you will see that money again.

Self Made Millionaires Biz Review

The Self Made Millionaires Biz sales page is one of the most underwhelming of ever seen. The entire thing consists of a 15 minute YouTube video and an email subscription form, nothing else. This makes it tougher on me doing my review because I’m forced to watch an annoying video, but I’ll do what I have to.

Video Analysis

Jacob Adams

jacob-adams-or-daleThe developer of the Self Made Millionaires Biz is named Jacob Adams but I don’t believe that he exists. First of all, if you do a Google search you will see that there is no information tying Adams to the binary options market. So even if he did exist, he has no reputation in the binary options market.

If you take a look at the image on the right-hand side you will see that this is not a real person. The image was stolen from a different website and the real person’s name is Dale.

I understand that some people use stock images and that’s not a major issue but in this market any sort of deceit has to be watched closely because most of the developers are quite unscrupulous.

Trading Proof

Sadly, there are no trading results for this product. Considering that Self Made Millionaires Biz is supposed to be a trading product, this is a major oversight. I haven’t purchased any investment software without trading results in over 5 years and I don’t plan on starting now.


Instead of trading proof, they provide us with fake testimonials. In the video you will see people claiming to be traders making thousands of dollars. Yet, if you go to Fiverr you can easily find these exact same people offering to do testimonials for your products for as little as $5.


I’m at the point now the binary options market where I don’t recommend any system that uses fake testimonials. Therefore, I cannot recommend Self Made Millionaires Biz to any of the Binary Today readers. There is nothing about this website or video that indicates to me that this is going to be a winning binary options software. Obviously, we only want trading systems that can provide us with consistent income and this isn’t one of those systems.

If you are truly interested in binary options trading then I recommend that you read my latest October income report. In this report I discuss real methods and strategies to grow your accounts the right way. I appreciate you coming to binary today and hope that you will bookmark my website and come back from time to time to see the progress we are all making here together.

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