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secure-traderSecure Trader is another free binary options software. The developers of this system claim that you can “make $800-$6000 per day like clockwork!”

Today I’ll be providing a review and an in depth analysis that you can only find on Binary Today.

Secure Trader Review

The developer of Secure Trader says that traders who sign up quickly will get $3000 for free. The developer of this software is Tony Parson, like usual, I’ve never heard of this guy before. As you know, I spend hours every day reviewing this market and scouring it for new binary options software. It is difficult for me to get involved with any vendor’s first product. If Tony stays in this market for a few years then I am more likely to get involved with his software down the line. I just feel more safe taking this type of approach.

The video on the front of the secure trader website consists of huge claims. Statements like “you can make $800-$6000 a day without lifting a finger” make me worry about the legitimacy of this software as the sales video sounds more and more like a get rich quick scam over time. There are no binary options trading statements to prove this software has been doing as Tony says but that’s not a total condemnation. I actually got an email from one of the Binary Today readers and he notified me that this system is showing “live trades” when the market is closed. That’s never a good sign.

Today I believe that Secure Trader is another wait and see software. By that I mean, let’s wait and see if any of these claims come true. We don’t have to be influenced by the cars, houses and boats shown in the video. The biggest advantage we have as consumers is the ability to wait and do research. If this software has no real user reviews in a few weeks then it isn’t doing what it claims. Although if in a few weeks the system is winning everyone thousands of dollars a day then people will be shouting from the rooftops and everyone will know about it.

As always if you have something you would like to contribute to the review please let me know your thoughts below. Hopefully we can get to the bottom of this as a team, one way or another.

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