Secret Money Vault

secret money vaultSecret money vault is my 2nd review of the day and sadly it looks eerily similar to the first. The developer of this system tells traders that in mere moments their about to become richer than they ever imagined. The people putting this product together claim that it’s 100% legal and 100% free.

Today I’ll be taking a closer look in my review and seeing if there really is anything at the bottom of this vault.

Secret Money Vault Review

Just like the last product I reviewed the secret money vault has a handful of fake counters on the website. These counters show us how much money has been claimed using this software this week. I can prove that it is fake by opening to copies of this website at the same time and putting them side by side. In the example here you can see while one is at nearly $800,000 the other is at just $400,000. Both of these go up incrementally at the exact same rate and at the exact same period of time.

Proof of Fabricated Results

I really can’t trust the developer like secret money vault that would like to me about how much money the product is making. It doesn’t help that the video on the main page is just flashing wealth in my face with what looks to be images of cars and vacations off of Google. The only thing this video proves is that the developer knows how to put together a slide show as good as my six-year-old daughter. I’m not impressed.

Today I will not be recommending the secret money vault because it’s a sham. Nothing on this website makes it look realistic or investment worthy. Here at binary today we are smart investors and we make money in the binary options market. We do so by avoiding bad products and making sure that everybody is on the same page. If we stand tall continue to fight against that software vendors we will with the market of them and make binary options a much more profitable wave trading. Please let me know your thoughts on the secret money vault or on anything about binary options you would like to talk about by either emailing me personally or leave a comment below.

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