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profit-generatorProfit Generator is a brand-new binary options software that is offering traders the opportunity to become a secret millionaire. The people that are putting the software market are telling traders that they are highly rated software is responsible for making a collective profit of over $250,000.

As per usual, I’ll be providing a detailed review and analyzing the profit potential of this software for the binary today community.

Profit Generator Review

Like most free binary options software in the market the Profit Generator webpage is minimal. It consists of a seven minute long YouTube video and a place where traders can enter their name and email to access the free members area. In the video on the front page the developer of the software introduces himself to us as Tom Martinez. Sadly, we only get to see Tom’s back which is blurred looking out a window. He tells us about how he worked at Wall Street but was disappointed by some of this shady practices happening there so he left. Then we learn that he has an eidetic memory and that is very good with numbers.

As the video continues the Profit Generator developer continues to tell us more about himself and his photographic memory. The story continues any tells us about his extremely mean but rich boss. One day he had an argument with his boss and came across his bosses trading algorithm. Due to his eidetic memory he was able to remember this algorithm and now he used it to create this trading software is providing for the binary options community. As I get to the end of the video I am very disappointed. I’m disappointed because I didn’t learn anything here. I’ve told this story with no substantial evidence to back up any single point he made in the story. Like usual, there is absolutely no discussion of binary options strategy or methodology.

Today I’m not recommending the Profit Generator to the binary today community for all of the reasons that I highlighted above. A 7 minute story in a YouTube video with some images and text is not enough to win me over as an investor. I need stats, strategic discussion and proof of each of these elements. There is no reason for us to get involved with systems that are basing their entire marketing strategy on a story. These people should get into novel writing because it really seems to me like they’re not traders at all. If you something you would like to add to this review please leave your comments and questions below. I look forward to hearing from you and hope that you a similar opinion to mind about the Profit Generator.

Profit Generator is review video three today. Might have more to come but please check this one out for now and let me know your thoughts.

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