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Published on April 10th, 2019 | by John Kane


Pro Signal Robot Review 2019

Over time, there has been a rise in the number of automated binary trading systems since they are very simple to use. Although most of them are legal and claim to be highly profitable, there are many corrupt automated trading systems flooding the marketplace. Innocent traders, especially those who are new to binary trading are the easiest prey to con trading systems.

However, we take time to educate binary trading participants on such issues. As such, today we are looking into Pro Signal Robot. It’s an automated trading software. The following are its features and why it may or may not be for you.

Pro Signal Robot Review

Pro Signal Robot is not transparent in describing how the software works. In its description, the company does not go into details on how the software analyzes the market and utilizes strategy. In fact, it only mentions big names. That is, the platform uses an advanced sophisticated algorithm. Usually, this is a sign of a con.

When you are getting into a trade, you have to make sure you understand how it works. Therefore be part of the behind the scenes so you do not have to rely on the product forever. As such, there is a need for the company to describe how it works openly and if it does not be warned of a potential swindle.

No Trial

Pro Signal Robot offers no trial or education sessions for its participants. The company is clear on the fact that it does not offer free trial versions. This is another indicator of a possible scam. Clients should be given a chance to test if the services fit their needs. If they will not let you try out their services, be on the lookout for a possible scam.

In addition, Pro Signal Robot requires one to be a
subscribed member so that he or she can enjoy trading tutorial and instructions
among other benefits that should be in the trial package.

Pressure to Invest

“The price is going up… If you wait, you could find yourself paying a lot more for this.” This statement puts pressure on potential clients to invest. In most cases, trading platforms that pressure participants to invest are usually frauds. The company goes ahead to outline the hours left to the cost of investment increasing. This may influence clients to invest without thinking about their decision. In such situations, they easily fall prey of con trading platforms.

Unregulated Brokers

Pro Signal Robot is not clear on its support brokers. This
questions the eligibility of the trading system.

A good trading system should have a regulated broker that is listed among the licensed brokers in the industry. However, this is not the case with Pro Signal Robot. On that account, it is possible the company is fraudulent.


There are quite a few automated systems available. These are the current competitors for the PSR:


Pro Signal Robot is not consistent with the information found on its website. The company describes itself as a binary options trading software that allows automated trading experiences. On the other hand, in the frequently asked question part, the answer to the trading system is automatic trading robot software, was, no, it is not automated.

Therefore, there is no consistency in the information about
the company. This shows the possibility of emitted or hidden information, which
is also a sign of a possible scam.

High Rates of Return with Little Investment

In one of the videos, Pro Signal Robot promises returns of between $5489- $7578. This is an extremely high amount of returns considering the small investment. To make such money, one has to have invested heavily. Therefore, anyone promising you such high returns with only little investment could be a con.

Other Reasons

Unlike other binary trading platforms, Pro Signal Robot does
not have a list of countries where it is legal or functioning. Actually, it
clearly states that it collects orders from any county. This is not possible
since binary options are not legal in all states. Therefore, this creates
concern about the genuineness of the trading platform.

The platform has no customer service and email address to facilitate communication. Potential clients are addressed through live chats only. This raises questions on why the company does not have personalized communication services.

Pro Signal Robot Pros

Although the trading platform has a number of limitations, it does not lack in achievements. The successes include the following:

•    The company
software is user-friendly.

•    The trading software is completely automated.


In conclusion, due to the above-mentioned reasons, we have found Pro Signal Robot trading system not to be a reliable binary trading platform. Promising get rich quick schemes will always exist. Understanding how binary trading works and that it is not a get rich quick system will help you in choosing the right company to invest in. Remember to think twice when the deal is too good. Do research about binary trading and legit trading platforms that have been proven to work. Always test products and services before subscribing. On the same note, if you get a reliable trading platform, take advantage of it and invest largely but be fully aware of possible risks.

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4 Responses to Pro Signal Robot Review 2019

  1. Emam Kendy says:

    I get a winning results from Pro signal robot between 70% to 80% but their website mentioned 80% to 94%.

  2. jonathan sarniem says:

    I need Prosignal robot. I have the vidio about trading.

  3. LoveALL says:

    I was looking at this but I’m not interested now.

    Thanks for your review.

    PSR doesn’t seem reliable, and why are their no client reviews for this anywhere online? IF it’s really making money someone would say something about it.

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