Plenitude Formula – 10K Per Day Review!

plenitude-formulaPlenitude Formula is another new binary options product promising to make traders 10K a day. The developer of this software is George Ackerman but it’s very likely that this is just a character being played by an actor because his story doesn’t check out.

Today I’ll be providing a review, analyzing the software and figuring out who George Ackerman really is and what his motives are for releasing this product.

Plenitude Formula Review

The Plenitude Formula is very basic, there is a YouTube video, an email subscription form and a script at the bottom rates telling us how many VIP spots are available. Don’t get caught up in the VIP spots, this is clearly a script that randomly goes up and down to create a sense of urgency. I don’t believe that this is tied to how many spots are available and as far as I’m concerned George Ackerman will take as many clients as he can get his hands on.

One of the more annoying stories in the binary options market is the one being used to sold this product. Developers in this market will often promise a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to become a beta tester of their product. The reason they claim it’s a beta test is because it makes it seem like you can get in on the ground floor before this becomes an unattainable investment opportunity. The other reason they tell us it’s a beta test is because if the software fails miserably they can just say that it was a beta test. The entire purpose of a beta test is to work out all of the bugs and errors before releasing a product to the public. If you are investing your real money in a beta test there is an extremely high likelihood that you will lose it all and of course the developers of the Plenitude Formula don’t tell you this.

George Ackerman

george-ackermanAs for the man behind The Plenitude Formula, he is not who he says he is in the video. After doing some very quick research you can see in the image on the right-hand side that this is clearly an actor who also took place in the Cash Camp software release. Sadly, Cash Camp was a very unsuccessful auto trader, which is likely foreshadowing.


testimonial-scamInstead of providing us with concrete proof, George does what the rest of the binary options community does and hires actors off of Fiverr to lie to us. They tell us that they’ve made thousands of dollars using this formula but each and every one of them is a liar.


George doesn’t exist, the testimonials are fake and the Plenitude Formula is a beta-test. I am not going to recommend this binary options system to any of the binary today readers. I believe that this software will not help any traders earn more money in the binary options market. I believe it will actually have the opposite effect on your trading accounts, so be very careful if you decide to proceed.

I recommend that you spend more time here on binary today analyzing real binary options strategies and trading systems that work. Thanks for stopping by please feel free to email me at any time, I’m one of the only people in this market that will actually email you back.

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