Cash Camp

Cash camp is a binary options trading method that hit the market on July 1st. The developers of the software asking us if we’re tired of being fooled and that we need to start asking for proof. They tell us there’s no promise of millions but the software provides over thousand dollars and daily average profits guaranteed.

Today I’ll be taking a close look at the software my review and letting you know if I believe in their thousand dollar guarantee.

Cash Camp Review

The developers of the cash camp software believe heavily in proof in this is discussed frequently in their video. They tell us that their autopilot system provides over 120 signals a day with a 97.39% success rate. Despite aggressively talking about proof and results there is no trading record that can verify this insane success rate. I have seen aggressively marketed products in the past but I don’t know anybody that would share a system with a success rate anywhere close to even 95%.

The cash camp website is extremely frustrating to navigate. I’m trying to watch the video to see if there are any results in their but their website keeps creating more and more pop-ups. I’m really starting to lose faith in this developer and just getting annoyed with this process. The video has a lot of statements from the developer saying that he generates incomes of over $8000 but like most binary options systems of this kind there is no actual trade record that I could find.

At this point I won’t be recommending cash camp until I can find some real user reviews. Considering the software only hit the market a few days ago it is unlikely we will have any comments on this page for at least a couple of weeks. I suggest waiting it out with me and basing your decision on the community reaction. Please leave a comment below with your initial reactions and anything you would like to offer about this product. I always appreciate your opinions and hope that you can provide your expertise alongside mine.

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