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optiexpertOptiExpert is a new options trading robot that is starting to gather interest in the community. I received a handful of emails from one of our readers for the really wanted me to take a closer look at the system so I’ve decided to do exactly that.

Today I will be providing a review and letting you know if the interest that is starting to gather around the system is warranted or not.

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OptiExpert Review

The OptiExpert provides a six minute video and three sentences. They claim that the strategy is based on an equation of high frequency traders and daytraders. I wish they would say a little more than this because this is a very vague description and leaves me with nothing but questions and no answers. This system is 100% automated after you sign up with interactive option the trader has to link their account and then the robot built to all the trading automatically. Systems like this have a very bad reputation in this market and that leaves me very skeptical of this new software.

It appears that the OptiExpert is not by the usual crowd of binary options developers which is a good thing. However, this doesn’t mean that the software is going to be successful and I stress that greatly here. While the video is shiny and the developer looks new the concept itself is the same and the fact that every single automated system in this market has failed leads me to believe that this is going to be the same way. The developers of this software also claim to have a 60 day free trial. So not only do you have to deposit money with the interactive option broker you also have to pay a monthly fee after 60 days.

I am not going to recommend OptiExpert the OptiRobot. I think it is way too early and there’s really no reason here for us to be jumping the gun. There are no real user reviews on the Internet despite a couple of highly promoted YouTube videos. I think it’s best that we sit back and see if some of the binary today readers something they would like to contribute to this review. If you would like to add your comments please let me know and I will do my best to respond to every single message that you leave at the bottom of the page.


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